April 13: May Lebanon always remember its 1975 past civil war to avoid repeating it… and Happy Birthday to Rita!

Much has happened in Lebanon since the official end of its civil war in October 1990.

Regardless of the latest tragedies and crises, April 13 is an unforgettably sad day in the collective memory of this tiny Mediterranean country.

Bambi would like to pause now and offer her birth country a Fairouz’ song called “Chadi” (symbol of this bloody 15-year-long war). By extension, this song is also dedicated to all the civilians of the world who find themselves taken hostages in armed conflicts beyond their control.

Following this moving song, Bambi would like to wish her childhood friend Rita a Happy Birthday! Bambi loves you beyond words, dear Rita ❤️. She thanks you for being in her life across the miles.To make you smile, below is a celebration song for you :). Bambi is grateful to the person who posted this personalized and public song on YouTube.

To conclude this post by integrating the sad and happy memories of the day, it is Bambi’s wish that love, friendship, dignity, humanity, and peace of mind will prevail in everyone’s lives!

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