Why don’t we just… smile?

Today’s post is a a follow-up to the beautiful Italian song, called “Aballati Aballati’ , featured in one of Bambi’s earlier posts (as shown further below).

Indeed, Bambi would like to first tease her childhood friend Selim who reached out to her complaining about how he could not stop singing this joyful song all day after reading (or listening to) her post. Well, Selim, perhaps Ms. Hiba Tawaji’s adaptation of “Smile” will make you forget about Mr. Amine Hachem’s earlier song :). If it doesn’t, at least it would perhaps succeed in putting a smile on your face :). Seriously now, Bambi misses you and your family. Please be safe and merry.

Second, why don’t we stop to reflect on smiles?

Is there anything more moving in the world than the first newborn’s “real” smile (after earlier “reflex” smiles)? This is when the whole cute face lights up, melting mom’s and dad’s hearts (and everyone’s heart)!

Is there anything nicer in a day than a friendly (genuine) smile?

And what about our smiles back?

Smiles communicate with each other. No need for words to quickly interpret them.

Of course, we smile more when we are happy.

We can also make ourselves (and others) happier by smiling more.

The beauty of a smile is that we can still choose to smile even when we are grieving a loved one or our hearts are filled with sorrow.

A smile is free of charge. It is easily accessible to all those who want to remember how to be and remain fully human.

Re-smiling is sometimes all what we have left when everything else seems ephemeral.

In Arabic, there is a beautiful saying that goes like that: “Ibtassem tabtassem laka el Dounya“. It literally means: “Smile and life will smile back at you“.

Yes, a smile is a reflection of a mental state. It is an attitude. It is window to the spirit, not just the mind. It is a way of living.

So, why don’t we just become a lasting smile to both others and ourselves?

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