Happy Mothers’ Day to Bambi’s mom and to Lebanon’s mothers!

Bambi loves you mama beyond words!

Today is March 21. It is Mothers’ Day in Lebanon!

As she is writing this post, Bambi’s heart is flying across ocean and sea, miles away, to her dearest mom. She would like to thank her for having brought her to life and for having raised her to be the woman she is today. Happy Mother’s Day mom [Happy Grandmothers day too :)]!

This being said, Bambi would like to also wish her sisters the same: Bravo for being the wonderful mothers whom you are.

By extension now, Bambi will also send her warm wishes to her relatives and friends celebrating today as well as to ALL the mothers of her birth country. Mind you, some great Lebanese women are talented in love and care without being mothers. Bambi is thinking of them too, including Nadia, her late godmother and her late aunt Ramona. Of course, Bambi is also thinking of her beloved cousin Liliane. Thanks to her for the inspiration.

To conclude this post, may all the mothers of Lebanon be merry today, despite the economic hardship or any geographical distance with their loved ones. As for you mom, Bambi would like to offer you four songs. The first one is in Arabic and subtitled in English (Ms. Fairuz’ “Oummy ya malaki“, which means “My mother, my angel“). The second song is in French and subtitled in English as well (Ms. Linda Lemay’s “Une mère“). The third song is in English (Ms. Céline Dion’s “Because of you loved me“). As for the fourth song, Bambi received it this morning from her friend Mary. This moving performance is by Mr. Kendji Girac’s mother, along with Jennifer (his spouse?), who surprised him with his own beautiful song “Les yeux de la maman” [The mama’s eyes]. Mary, thank you for sharing the latter and Happy Mothers’ Day to you. With much love, Bambi thanks you for being you, that is the devoted, inspiring mother as well as the faithful, caring friend.

Once again, Happy Mothers’ Day to you mama. May we see each other as soon as realistically possible ?!

4 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day to Bambi’s mom and to Lebanon’s mothers!”

  1. Happy belated mother’s day to Bambi’s mother as well from me.
    I have always liked Céline Dion’s song “Because you loved me”, and “Oummi ya malaki” is a wonderful song with beautiful lyrics too.

    1. How kind of you–Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Bambi’s mom will appreciate it, for sure! Thanks for sharing your comment about the songs too.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all Lebanon strongest mothers . May God be with them all and keep them in good health …

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