Thank you, Dr. Frances Widdowson for having interviewed Bambi (Rima Azar) on your “Rational Space Disputations” platform!

It is perhaps in our collectively insane times of extreme political correctness that we appreciate even more every refreshing (learning) opportunity of an academic chat among scholars.

Bearing the above in mind, Bambi felt honoured, happy, and even touched when the accomplished Dr. Frances Widdowson, Associate Professor of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies, invited her to her excellent show cleverly entitled “Rational Space Disputations“.

Before sharing the interview below, Bambi searched the net and came across a website with public information about Dr. Widdowson’s own surreal story of censorship: What a deeply sad and shocking story out of our Canadian universities about intolerance of different opinions in academia and, by extension, in today’ society…

Anyhow, thank you again, Frances (or Dr. Widdowson), for having Bambi. What an enriching (and fun) discussion with a unique formula: First hour, you interview your guest. Second hour, your guest interviews you.

To conclude this post, Bambi/Rima will forever be grateful for your kindness Frances and for the support of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS) back in February 22, 2021 (a big thank you to Dr. Mark Mercer, SAFS President and to all the Board members, including yourself). Last but surely not least, and from the bottom of her heart, Bambi wishes you all the best in your own arbitration!

14 thoughts on “Thank you, Dr. Frances Widdowson for having interviewed Bambi (Rima Azar) on your “Rational Space Disputations” platform!”

  1. Thanks ladies… just found this and have shared the video and article at Sackville UNcensored… we need more voices outside ‘their narrative’ as they say at those dissident safe spaces – it makes life more interesting.
    We don’t want to be dull, we want to be open to ideas and discussions, before people become violent!

    1. Many thanks for your positive comment and for cherishing free thinking and tolerance in a pluralistic society (academic freedom-freedom of expression). Bambi appreciates your openness of mind and your humanity.

    1. Wow– Many thanks to you rather Frances for the wonderful and enriching conversation. Keep up your great work, please. Bambi so much appreciates the best wishes and she is crossing her fingers now in return for you too!

  2. I wish I could say I am surprised at what you have been put through. But I’m not. So I’ll have to settle for being appalled.

    One of the things at stake here is whether or not Canada’s self-image of being a place where freedom of expression is permitted is anything more than a pretense.

    For if people only stand for the freedom of expression of people they agree with, they don’t really stand for freedom of expression.

    1. Many thanks Adam (Lane) for your supportive comment. Bambi is grateful! She also totally agrees with your insights: “For if people only stand for the freedom of expression of people they agree with, they don’t really stand for freedom of expression”. This is making her think of Voltaire’s much needed wisdom: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death Your tight to say it” [«Je ne suis pas d’accord avec ce que vous dites, mais je me battrai jusqu’à la mort pour que vous ayez le droit de le dire»].

    1. Thank you Fred for your accurate comment about the chat’s part where Dr. Widdowson was searching for Canada’s last involvement in war and went back in time. You are right, the Afghanistan war was our country’s last involvement. True, sadly, 165 soldiers returned home in coffins. Bambi will also add that many others returned traumatized by violence. Talking about the latter, Bambi’s heart goes to Canada’s veterans who deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, which sadly they are not receiving yet, it seems. One of these veterans lives in our town and, if she may, Bambi would like to take the opportunity to salute him and wish him all the best:

      1. Also, her interview with Bambi was very good and you two discussed many of the same familiar points that have vexed us these past years from the trivial minds of left-wing politics. Yes, we are bored. Western society is bored with so many things and has gone past recycling culture, politics and knowledge and moved into this bizarre and ultra-sensitive soup that nourishes noone and harms many.

  3. I very much liked the format of both of you being interviewer and interviewee, changing your roles half way through the interview. You did very well ?

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