Bye winter, hello spring!

In a few hours, the spring will officially arrive.

However, the days are already longer in Atlantic Canada.

Hello spring! “Oui, bonjour joli printemps”!

To welcome the new season, Bambi will post some songs for the spring that crossed her mind. She will do so while wishing you all a renewed hope for more beautiful days filled with love.

May the season(s) ahead be filled with increased common sense, tolerance, and peace in our world.

This being said, here are the songs, hoping you will enjoy them!

The first melody is a famous Armenian song called Karoun Karouné [Spring… it is the spring]. Bambi would like to dedicate it to Diana, Nina, Rita, and a reliable friend from Yerevan :).

The second song is French-Canadian and it is by the late Mr. Michel Fuguain. May his memory be eternal…

The third song is a kids’ song in Arabic (likely Lebanese?) called Bi Fasel el Rabih [in the spring season]. Talking about spring, well, this song is for you dear Rabih :)!

Finally, the last song is one that Bambi sang in the springs of her childhood. She would like to dedicate it to all her childhood friends, and especially to Zeina (her niece or first cousin once removed). She, her mom, and all the family who love her dearly will know why :). The song is from France and it is called Ouli Oula le printemps est là!

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