In all honesty, do you really care about the “woke” agenda of your banking institution when you bank?

The Deutsche Bank wants to convinces us that it is “a stronger bank throughdiversity and inclusion” (

Same for the Bank of Canada‘s apparent obsession with the so-called diversity and inclusion ( or the Scotia Bank‘s same agenda (, or even the Royal Bank (ttps:// that writes on its website “Instead of listening to that little voice inside your head that tells you to remain silent when confronted with non-inclusive behaviour, it’s time to find your voice and use it to speak up for inclusion“.

All the above words seem beautiful. Of course, we want everyone to feel included, but what do our big banks really mean by “speaking for inclusion” precisely? And why is this a new aspiration of the banks in Canada and abroad like the example shared above?

If such aspiration or slogan is 100 percent genuine, are those with the “wrong” political opinions also allowed to bank in Canada? Would they now also feel “included” in our banking institutions, if they visit a branch (you may wish to read the older post on this topic a the end of this one)? OR the latter does not apply when big banks are following governmental orders? Why can’t all citizens simply bank and receive the great customer service they deserve without any lecture in wokeism?

This being said, some of our Canadian banks, like the CIBC, sometimes show pictures of young little girls wearing a hijab to highlight diversity (or inclusion? Or equity?). In the name of this slogan, these institutions seem to promote the sexualization of young girls (as per an older post by Bambi also shown further below).

Well, in the name of diversity, the list of other examples goes on and on. Do not worry, Bambi will stop here as it is getting late for her. Once again, she cannot help not to wonder: why do all these banks seem to promote governmental agendas to that extent?

If you are like her, you probably do not care about any of these “woke” messages. You would care more about your satisfaction with the banking industry (e.g., a practical access to your bank account, an excellent client service, good products and financial advantages, transparency and accountability as an antidote to corruption, ability to transfer money fast, as needed, etc.).

By no means, Bambi is saying here that all customers share the same philosophy of life or the same practical or entrepreneurship mindset. Contrary to her, some may actually prefer to see increased woke ideologies while banking. Despite the latter preference, they remain clients and thus they also deserve more substance in services (and maybe less “ideological” decorations).

To conclude this post on a more positive note, Bambi would like to clarify that this post is strictly about woke slogans, not about our banks’ inspiring social or health-related actions, promoted by their foundations for years (ex. the breast-cancer related CIBC “run for the cure“;! It is also not about funding opportunities for excellent social projects. Thanks to our banks for the latter opportunities. To celebrate their good actions, and for fun, Bambi will end with the Abba’s song Money, money, money

One thought on “In all honesty, do you really care about the “woke” agenda of your banking institution when you bank?”

  1. Bambi, remember the famous words of Lloyd Blankfein, former CEO of Goldman Sachs? “We’re doing God’s work.”
    To the elite class inhabiting governments and corporations, wokeness is a mutipurpose tool, a Swiss Army knive. It can be used to suppress discourse. It can be used to attack enemies. It can be used as a warm and fuzzy cover over naked ambition and profiteering. It can be used as a gimmick to divert attention away from incompetence and malfeasance.
    We are now all sinners to be sacrificed on the altar of wokeness as the high priests see fit.

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