In Canada: “Wrong” political opinions, no banking for you!

Bambi would like to thank the friend who kindly shared this brief interview with her.

She will also say: Thank you Mr. Ezra Levant, from Rebel News, for sharing the following on Fox News: “Tucker Carlson Tonight: Canadian Bank Rejects Mortgage Due to Politics | Ezra Levant and Sean Duffy“.

As Mr. Levant said, “this is a scandal“… a scandal of the intolerance of our collectively insane times.

This would have been sad too had it been the opposite: ANY other person, than Mr. Levant, with ANY other views (even and especially the opposing ones that start with the letter W and that are more trendy, divisive and socially destructive).

When will all this insanity stop, Canada?

3 thoughts on “In Canada: “Wrong” political opinions, no banking for you!”

  1. Thank you, Demian. Always refreshing to hear from a thinker. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Bambi’s blog (she is honoured).

    1. No problem always happy to throw in my two cents, all voices matter.
      Thank you, for your blog and for allowing for real dialogue to prevail as opposed to a convenient
      narrative of what is deemed to be “acceptable discourse “.

      Sincerely, Demian Virgil Hammock

      1. Demian, Bambi is delighted and honoured by your comment. Thank you!
        You are right, all opinions and all voices do matter in life. Perhaps what matters the most, for all of us, is to keep listening, or to re-learn how to listen to each other.

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