Which politician makes more sense to you: Mr. Bernier or Mr. Trudeau?

Which politician makes more sense to you?

First, here is a message from Mr. Maxime Bernier to Mr. Trudeau in both official languages.

Second, you can read Mr. Trudeau’s state of mind.

Bambi has her own opinion and it is not impressed by Mr. Trudeau.

In English…

In French…


4 thoughts on “Which politician makes more sense to you: Mr. Bernier or Mr. Trudeau?”

  1. Its OK not to support any politicians.. we are so divided by politics in Canada… its pointless at this stage.
    I don’t equate politicians with democracy… we live in a monarchy with the head of state in the UK… So really our democracy is when our society remains open and free because we the people decide that we are for each other and not for government overreach.. that we are for liberty and freedoms.. and we’re accepting.
    No politicians will ‘save us’ at this point… good luck this month with your upcoming labour arbitration.. and have blogged a little about it too including some heartwarming commentary from Brittany, a mother/Mount Allison University alumni .. and a link to Bruce Wark’s article shared this week on your journey in Sackville…

    1. Thank you for your comment. Bless Brittany’s loving heart (no word, in any language, can express Bambi’s gratitude). A big thank you to our great Mr. Wark. Today more than ever, our country (and the world by extension) needs journalists of his calibre who still care to defend academic freedom-freedom of expression. As for yourself, you have been the humanity/kindness in itself to Bambi since the start of her saga in February, 2021. For this, Bambi will always be grateful. Thank you for your best wishes.

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