“Aline”: A song to a friend!

Surprise! Bambi refuses to go to bed without posting Mr. Christophe’s beautiful song “Aline” as a surprise for you, Aline [OK when you will read this post tomorrow morning :)].

Indeed, here is the reason behind this post: Bambi listened and sang Aline, with the singer, at 10 AM, thanks to her internet radio. Well, at 10 PM precisely (a few minutes ago), she turned her internet radio on again and guess what? Your song was playing again!

Mind you, this is not very surprising as this Lebanese-American internet radio station repeats the same 1-hour-French-music-show in the evening. Nevertheless, for Bambi, it was another opportunity to end the same day by singing for you :).

Hope to see you soon, Aline… Until then, take good care!

2 thoughts on ““Aline”: A song to a friend!”

  1. Thank you my friend for thinking of me. Hope to see you soon.❤️❤️❤️
    It feels good to know, in these difficult times , that someone thought of me. Twice?? during 12 hrs.You are always in my thoughts too?

    1. Oh, thank you Aline. Your words are so sweet and fun to read too!! Bambi is happy to know you liked your surprise. She is blessed to call you her friend ???! See you soooon “inchallah”, as they say :).

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