Seriously, Mr. Trudeau? Are the words “symbols” of “genocide” and “racism” all what you have to say about the demonstrators in Ottawa?

According to Mr. Trudeau, as per Global News, “this is protesting people going about their daily lives, harassing people who dare wear masks or follow public health rules. Expressing hateful approaches, showing hateful symbols of genocide, of racism. These are things that are absolutely unacceptable”.

What kind of Canada do we live in when our own Prime Minister (whom Bambi voted for the first time) calls those of us who demonstrate carriers of symbols of genocide and racism (

Do words still have a meaning for you, Mr. Trudeau?

If this is genocide, what do Bambi’s friends in Québec who lost their parents and siblings to massacres during the Lebanese civil call their own tragedies?

If this is racism for Mr. Trudeau, perhaps he needs to re-visit his dictionary? Perhaps his advisors need to do so as well?

To conclude this post with a note of humour, despite the disappointment, here is Dalida singing once again on this blog for our Prime Minister. Her song, with Mr. Alain Delon, entitled “Paroles, paroles” means “Empty words” in English…

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