It snowed in Beirut!

Bambi thanks her friend Mary for sharing this picture from Achrafieh, which is a district of Beirut at about 50 meters above sea level.

Yes, you are seeing snow, covering cars… and this is Beirut!!

This means it is neither Canada nor Mount Lebanon, which is on average above 2,500 meters (or 8,200 feet) in elevation, with its highest peak at 3,088 meters (or 10,131 feet).

Mind you, the current storm is called Yasmine, which immediately followed Hiba. Bambi hopes everyone is as warm as possible in the freezing cold affecting Lebanon and the region. Her heart goes to ALL the people who can no longer afford to heat their places and to those Syrian refugees who literally live in tents.

To conclude this post, of course Adamo’s famous “Tombe la neige” (shown below) is the song that comes to Bambi’s mind now. If she may, she would like to end with the words of her own dad: “I am eager for February”! He would have never said that in Canada. However, in Beirut, you can dream about February because of the Lebanese saying that goes like that: “Even if February storms and blusters, it has the smell of summer in it”.

A picture circulated by Bambi’s friend, Mary!

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