“Saudi Arabia vs. Iran, the rivalry explained” (Wion) & “We and the moon are neighbours” (Fairouz’ song)

Ms. Palki Sharma is so talented. Bambi is a fan.

Here is Ms. Sharma explaining the historic rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia that has split the Muslim world for decades, leading to “proxy wars” that have “turned West Asia into a battlefield“.

Bambi was particularly interested by two of this journalist’s comments. The first one was mentioned in the introduction and the other was used to conclude her excellent documentary.

First, Ms. Palki cited an Arab saying that goes like that “Choose your neighbour before the house“. Bambi could not help not to be sarcastic while thinking about her birth country’s neighbours or harsh neighbourhood… except of course the beautiful Mediterranean sea with the nearby Cyprus. Too bad Lebanon is not an island like the latter :)!

As for the last comment, it went like that: “Anything is better than war“. Although this statement is true, sadly unaddressed (cold or maybe dormant) conflicts are just apparently forgotten. When they are not addressed at their root, they can endlessly have the potential for recurrent violence, temporary strife, or maybe full-blown wars.

Thus, Bambi is convinced (today more than ever!) that Lebanon has to remain neutral and in good terms with all its neighbours, those geographically close and those further away. Indeed, it is the weakest link in the region. The smallest and bankrupt link has to be the smartest to survive. Thus, Lebanon must be diplomatically wise, that is at an equal distance from ALL neighbours and players (in the region and beyond).

Indeed, in one of her earlier posts, she wrote the following: “How about some inspiration from Austria whose status of permanent neutrality post-war protected it during the Cold War? Indeed for perhaps 65 years, this country made a wise use of its neutral status. It allowed it to turn into a much trusted meeting point for West and East during the Cold War. In addition, it built a world reputation of an impartial hub for international diplomacy. Why can’t tiny Lebanon learn a historical lesson of wisdom from Austria (https://www.iipvienna.com/new-blog/2020/10/13/austria-and-its-neutralitya-tradition-with-potential)?”

To conclude this post, Bambi will first share the Wion news short documentary. Second, she will share with you Fairouz’ song about her stunning neighbour, the moon (an English translation of the Arabic lyrics follow the song). If she may, she would like to offer it too ALL the “neighbours” of all vulnerable countries of the world, especially Lebanon. She hopes they will finally learn or maybe keep learning to be as elegant, reliable, and respectful (i.e., distant/non-intrusive) as Fairouz’ moon.

We and the moon are neighbours

its house is behind our hills

it comes out from in front of us

and listens to the melodies

we and the moon are neighbours

it knows our times

and leaves on our roof bricks

the most beautiful colours

Many times we have stayed all night with it

in the nights of joy

with the moans

many times on its rising

we’ve explained the love

with songs and tales

We and the moon are neighbours

when it stepped by and visited us

on the bridges of our house

the corals were spread

Songs and reminders

Love.. and staying with us all night”.

One thought on ““Saudi Arabia vs. Iran, the rivalry explained” (Wion) & “We and the moon are neighbours” (Fairouz’ song)”

  1. I think this post is very insightful. Neutrality seems to be the recipe for small countries to be able to succeed, especially in an environment where this small country is surrounded by strong powers in conflict with each other.

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