Ms. Majida El Roumy: “Oum Thada” [Get up and challenge]!

What a moving song. How powerful. How true. Thank you Ms. Majida El Roumy (who, by the way, has been Bambi’s preferred singer when she was growing up in Lebanon).

This song seems to be old (yes, older than the 2019’s revolt as it was posted on YouTube in 2014). Despite this, it is the second time in a couple of two following days that Bambi is hearing it on the internet radio. What a beautiful discovery.

Below, you can find the song in Arabic followed by the lyrics in English.

Bambi sends her heart to the people of her birth country!

Get up and Challenge (taken from

“Get up and challenge injustice; revolt,

Smash the silence within you!

O people who have been driven out in their own land,

You had enough of coercion and sorrow!

How could you stay silent

While tears and blood have flooded your life?

Your land is calling you: revolution!

Where are you? It is calling you!

Get up and carry the tears of your country

Stand at the gates of the rulers

Hand the announcement of your martyrdom

To the hands of peace

How could you stay silent

Your country has become the exile of all dreams?

Freedom and all your festivals have worn the black

If you don’t bring back the sun with your own hands

The darkness will definitely erase you.

Every night, I hear the voices of homeless children

They have become the fires of slavery in the nights of tyrants

Where is conscience of humanity?

Where is Justice?

Where is religion?

Stop singing freedom

While all the people are imprisoned!

Only revolution, O my country, will lead to freedom

Where are you? It is calling you!”

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