Québec wants to tax the unvaccinated: Seriously?

In an interview with the Parisien, France’s Mr. Emmanuel Macron said “très envie d’emmerder les non-vaccinés jusqu’au bout“. This means: “I really want to piss off the unvaccinated until the end”.

In Canada, Mr. Trudeau said the following about the unvaccinated (surely not a homogeneous group): “these people,” the anti-vaxxers, as “often” being women-haters, racists and science-deniers, as well” (earlier post shown further below).

And now, Québec’s Prime Minister wants to tax the unvaccinated.

Do you see the same trend of intolerance, shame, vilification, exclusion… And now taxation?

It is one thing to ask unvaccinated people to pay for their health services (we can see a logic there). It is another thing to tax them, regardless of their hospitalization or not (https://nationalpost.com/news/john-ivison-legaults-draconian-overreach-on-the-unvaccinated-is-no-cure-for-the-malady).

Not surprising, whether related or not, if Dr. Horacio Arruda (Public health Director of Québec) has resigned on this day. Thanks to him for his devotion to the management of the pandemic crisis.

Today is the first time that Québec has disappointed Bambi to that extent.

Today, because of Mr. Legault (whom she usually respects and even likes) and for the first time in almost 32 years, Bambi does not feel like a proud Québecker. For Bambi to say so, it means that she is absolutely fed up of the excesses of our collectively insane times.

When will the citizens wake up and say enough is enough? Time to learn to live with the coronavirus. Perhaps after they read Dr. Jordan Peterson’s latest article in the National Post (https://nationalpost.com/opinion/jordan-peterson-open-the-damn-country-back-up-before-canadians-wreck-something-we-cant-fix)?

One thought on “Québec wants to tax the unvaccinated: Seriously?”

  1. So my big question is: how close are we to the “wilful promotion of hatred” against “any identifiable group”?

    Pretty close, by the time you add it all together.

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