Thank you/Merci Stromae…


How DEEP (there is always a message in each of his wonderful songs) and what a VOICE!

How human and humble.

How moving and surely how helpful to so MANY others.

Stromae’s new song (subtitled in English for you) is called L‘Enfer [Hell]. His hell yet his healing journey. Indeed, suffering is part of life. However, when it becomes too much for us to bear, acknowledging our pain is the early part of our healing process.

Thankfully, there is music in life.

Music can heal our pain. Sharing our music is also a comforting blessing to others.

Thank you Stromae for putting a word and a melody on your pain.

Brighter days are ahead of you, “inchallah” as they say. May you always choose life over any death thoughts. May your life keep renewing itself, from one stage to the other.

Bless your talent and… PLEASE keep singing for us!

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