Too bad Canada’s Trudeau does not have an ounce of wisdom of Germany’s President Steinmeier and Chancellor Scholz

For the sake of this post, please take the time to listen and contrast the two characters mentioned in the title. Perhaps you will see what Bambi is seeing.

Thank you, Mr. Rex Murphy, for your thoughtful article in the National Post. The latter informs us of Mr. Trudeau’s unwise, divisive (and even hateful?) words concerning a group, surely not as homogeneous as he wants us to think, pejoratively and inaccurately called “anti-vaxxers“, by saying: “these people,” the anti-vaxxers, as “often” being women-haters, racists and science-deniers, as well”.

Can you imagine? This is the Prime Minister of ALL Canada, including those anti-vaxxers that he calls women-haters, racists, and science-deniers. Is this a wise way to assemble your people, Mr. Trudeau? Is this a good way to educate them and convince them of the value of vaccination in a pandemic (

What about people who want all the other vaccines, but maybe this one?

What about those who, like Bambi, got the vaccines and will get boosters, but who are for informed consent and against mandatory medical treatments? How do you call them? Bambi is saying so, even if she has lost too many people to Covid-19 abroad.

And, last but not least, what about women who do not want the vaccines? Are they misogynistic? And what does racist mean, Mr. Trudeau?

In contrast to our own Prime Minister, just listen (or read) the wise words of President Steinmeier and even also of Mr. Olaf Scholz, the Chancellor of Germany, for the New Year. Like real statesmen, they both assembled the population of their country. For instance, Mr. Steinmeier used wise and nuanced yet apparently genuine words. He seemed to think in the long-term, post-pandemic.

We used to have politicians like that in Canada… Where are they?

3 thoughts on “Too bad Canada’s Trudeau does not have an ounce of wisdom of Germany’s President Steinmeier and Chancellor Scholz”

  1. I am very much impressed by your broad perspective! And as a German, I am happy that Germany is on your radar as well? It’s always enlightening to get an outside perspective. Thanks to you I can see more clearly than before, that German politicians in the highest offices of the country to a certain degree leave partisan politics behind for real and truly see it as their obligation to unify the country. Thanks for this eye-opener!

    1. Wow, Bambi is honoured by your comment Achim (coming from you, as a German). Vielen Dank and bravo to those in the highest offices of your birth country!

      1. Thank you ? There’s a lot people in Germany criticize as well, and that’s ok. But Germans have a lot to be grateful for, I see this more clearly now, when I compare it to other countries.

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