Mr. Mike Massy: Ô mother/Ya oumy

Although it is old, Bambi just discovered this moving Lebanese song sub-titled in English entitled “Ya Oumy” [“Ô Mother”]. The lyrics are by Mr. Bassem Kassab. The music and arrangement by Mr. Mike Massy himself.

If she may, she would like to share this deep song with you while dedicating it to all the youth of the Middle East, and beyond, who courageously choose the following: (1) love over blind hatred; (2) reason and peace over rage or endless anger; (3) unity over divisiveness; and (4) faith in shared humanity over complete despair.

Of course, the above becomes much more challenging in tougher economic conditions. Hence the need to be/remain lucid… perhaps now more than ever.

Thank you, Mr. Massy and Mr. Kassab!

One thought on “Mr. Mike Massy: Ô mother/Ya oumy”

  1. Oh wow, may the mothers one day no longer have to mourn the loss of their offspring in black!

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