Judge Tarek Bitar… Beirut’s hero!

From Naharnet, other Lebanese and international media, Bambi learned that Judge Tarek Bitar, the lead investigator of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion, of August 4, 2020, will resume work at his office after a whole month of suspension (https://www.naharnet.com/stories/en/286262-bitar-resumes-work-at-his-office-after-monthlong-suspension)!

As per Naharnet, “several officials have refused to be questioned amid calls by some groups, including Hizbullah, to have the judge removed, accusing him of bias”.

Hezbollah and two allied groups have insisted to have Judge Bitar replaced (just like his predecessor, Judge Fadi Sawan).

The Lebanese government that is supposed to urgently reform to save the country from its descent to hell has not met since October 12, 2021. Can you imagine?

As a reminder, at least 216 people lost their lives in the port blast, including at least three children. Over 6000+ people were injured (many kids and adults lost their eyes. Some people are still undergoing surgeries… Maya, Bambi remains in full solidarity and sends you her fond regards!). Over 300,000 (some say up to 400,000) remain homeless. At least half of the capital was destroyed (hospitals, schools, businesses, places of worship, private homes, etc.). It is only yesterday that Bambi ‘s parents made a large progress in some of their main repairs (thanks again Beit El Baraka!).

As per Naharnet, so many questions remain unanswered: Who ordered the shipment of ammonium nitrate? Why did the authorities ignore repeated warnings of danger?

To the above, Bambi will add: Why didn’t the UN provide satellite images to Lebanon? Why didn’t many countries collaborate? And finally, once again, why isn’t the Hezbollah blaming Israel, as usual? Bambi still finds the latter very odd, especially in light of all the intense and repeated political interference in the legal system concerning this case (as a reminder, three judges resigned to denounce this circus).

To conclude this post, Bambi has nominated Judge Tarek Bitar for a Nobel Peace Prize on this blog in an older post. Today, if she may, she would like to simply tell him: Thank you for standing up for Beirut… and here is a song for you (and your family). It is called Hero and it is interpreted by the very talented Ms. Mariah Carey. May God protect you from the “mafia” ruling your country…

5 thoughts on “Judge Tarek Bitar… Beirut’s hero!”

  1. Wawww Bambi!!! You said it all !!! He is really a hero for us and we hope and pray that this time the criminals of this country will leave him in peace so that he can finish his work and let the truth be known ??
    Thank you Bambi for always talking on our behalf ❤️❤️

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