Bravo to Mr. Nicolas Farah from… Lebanon!

Who is Mr. Nicolas Farah? And why is Bambi congratulating him?

Well, she learned from l’Orient Le Jour that, at 87 years old, he is the oldest paragliding amateur of his country (!

First of all, bravo to this man for having survived the crazy crises of his country up to age 87! All this while enjoying life and his passion of paragliding with his son! What a beautiful activity for a father and son 🙂 (OK if we are not too afraid of height!):

Mr. Nicolas Farah and his son. A picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour
Mr. Nicolas Farah with an award from France! A picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour

It seems that Mr. Nicolas Farah is dreaming big: He would like to enter his country, Lebanon, into the Guinness World Records with his passion!

As readers of this post, Bambi hopes you will enjoy the beautiful Bay of Jounieh from the sky. This place is quite charming. As she is not on Facebook (or Meta rather), she could not find the video mentioned in the article above. So, if you happen to have access to it an can kindly share the video, Bambi will happily add it to her post. If not, no worries at all. At least, she was able to find a video of paragliding the Bay of Jounieh (and we can always imagine the fun of the Farahs, dad and son). Mind you, one of Bambi’s aunts lives nearby. Plus, Bambi even recognized a fish restaurant where her parents used to take her sometimes during her past visits. She hopes this delicious place is still hanging on in the financial crisis. All the best to it and to all the businesses of Lebanon!

Bravo again Mr. Nicolas Farrah for enjoying life. Please keep flying like a bird!

Well, talking about birds, and to conclude this post on a musical note, here is a song from Bambi to you, Mr. Farah :). It is the famous Vola Palombella interpreted by Ms. Nadina Zarif in both Italian and Arabic. Ms. Zarif was a child during the Lebanese civil war. She began singing this song at a very young age. She made many of her fellow kids, including Bambi, dream of the freedom of flying like a dove (or a Palombella) whether for real or in the imagination!

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