Mr. Conrad Black is right, in the name of the climate battle, why is “the economically developed world” expected to “give 100 billion a year to the economically underdeveloped or mismanaged countries”?

In his latest piece in the National Post, Mr. Conrad Black concluded with the following words (

The whole concept of requiring the economically developed world to give $100 billion a year to the economically underdeveloped or mismanaged countries of the world is absurd. I believe in development assistance and the wealthy nations of the world certainly should assist less prosperous countries but in projects that generate economic growth and raise standards of living and are given in a proper spirit of fraternal internationalism, not an inundation of falsely extorted Danegeld that will be squandered in the boondoggles of phantasmagorical pseudo-environmentalists”.

Bambi happened to have read his thoughtful article after reading the following piece of news about one of the most mismanaged and corrupt countries of the world, Lebanon ( The same wealthiest countries who participated in the COP26‘s UN Summit on Climate Change (e.g., France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, etc.) are the ones now opening criminal cases into Lebanon’s central bank governor. Bravo to them to do so (finally). However, why are they doing something for financial accountability with one hand while giving funds to the same problematic governance’s system with the other hand? Even if the latter hand is painted in green, this does not justify such contradiction. So, why the re-distribution of wealth like that and what does it bring to people in power in the wealthiest countries in the world? Is there anything in politics done completely for free? Out of pure compassion?

To conclude this post, if you are interested by this topic or by thinking about it from different angles, here are more thought-provoking readings on the topic, thanks to Ms. Sabrina Maddeaux and to the National Post view ( ;

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