Rodge & Pascale Sakr: “Shta’nalik Ya Beirut” [We miss you, O Beirut]

This beautiful song is like a double tribute: first and foremost, to Mr. Elias Rahbani, (composer, writer, and arranger) and, last but not least, to Beirut. Sadly, Lebanon lost the artistic giant, Mr. Elias Rahbani, to Covid-19 on January 4th, 2021 ( May his memory be eternal and MANY thanks to him for having enriched his country’s cultural life. Bravo to Rodge as well as to Ms. Pascale Sakr for this charming interpretation. The scenes from Beirut and Lebanon are very charming…

6 thoughts on “Rodge & Pascale Sakr: “Shta’nalik Ya Beirut” [We miss you, O Beirut]”

    1. Wow–Dank u well/Thank you, Salome. It would be a dream come true ❤️ (yes one day!)! Bambi is happy you enjoyed this :).

    1. True– it is about the nostalgia and longing for the beautiful days, nights, and even for the moon of Beirut. The latter is in a very bad shape but hopefully brighter days will shine again. This being said, Bambi is happy you like the song.

        1. Interesting comment (now thinking of all the poems and songs referring to the moon and its light). Mind you, related to the moon, in Lebanon when someone is beautiful or handsome (a baby especially but also said for adult men, women, etc.), we say they are beautiful like the moon. Happy Sunday too :)!

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