Under Mr. Trudeau et al., Canada became a joke of a country

CTV News just informed us that “Feds expected to announce plans to raise, re-lower flags for Remembrance Day” (https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/feds-expected-to-announce-plans-to-raise-re-lower-flags-for-remembrance-day-1.5652596).

If this is not a joke, what is it then?

Since when the love of a flag is not for all?

Since when grief is not a heart journey before anything else in life?

So why are they so disrespectful to our flag… and thus to all of us?

Why are our politicians politicizing our flag, like that, and insulting our/their country?

They tell us it is to please Indigenous leaders. So, if that is truly the case, why don’t they also listen to the sharp words of Ms. Melissa Mbarki, “a policy analyst and outreach co-ordinator at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, and a member of the Treaty 4 nation in Saskatchewan“. According to her (and Bambi agrees), “the lowered flag is a mockery to all Canadians, including Indigenous people” (https://nationalpost.com/opinion/melissa-mbarki-the-lowered-flag-is-a-mockery-to-all-canadians-including-indigenous-people).

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