Mr. Trudeau, despite the sorrow in our hearts, can we now raise our Canadian flag again… just like in the Mohawk territory?

Many great journalists of our country, and some politicians, have been calling to raise our Canadian flag now after over 5 months.

The gesture of lowering the flag was MUCH needed (it was the least to do….).

However, after all this time, the symbolism of the gesture is being lost. Indeed, it is becoming absurd (and thus sad and frustrating).

Until when will it be low?

It is raised again, even in the Mohawk territory… Do you see the irony?

As journalists and veterans have wisely argued, Remembrance Day is ahead. This is a good opportunity to raise the flag, so we can lower it again (

Other tragedies or sudden death can occur in life (like one of Bambi’s dear friends in town). Why don’t we have our flags high, so we can express our sorrow again?  

This does not mean we are no longer sad/shocked by the discoveries of all the unmarked graves… We also know now that others will be uncovered soon.

This is part of our past, as a nation. This is its dark side. This is our collective shame. However, even shame (or self-anger or fear) must be confronted in life to grow and to learn, to repair and pay respect, to say to oneself: Never again!

Yes, never again, while being proud of whom we are and whom we want to still be, collectively as a nation.  

No country is perfect, Mr. Trudeau. If there is anyone who knows this, it is Canadians of Lebanese origins. They know that their birth country is a parody of a nation now. Yet, they love it, they forgive it, and they have a tenderness toward it (yes, despite any love-hate relationship they may entertain with it). Those old enough, like Bambi, to have grown up during civil war, know very well the tragedies of massacres. There have been so many of the latter. Some of Bambi’s friends lost their parents and siblings in some of these human tragedies. Yet, they put this past behind them, without ever forgetting it of course, to move on with their lives. They are busy raising kids and being productive Canadians.

They, along with Bambi and the rest of the silent majority of Canadians, want to see their flag risen again.

Please, Mr. Trudeau, raise our flag now.

Thank you.

One thought on “Mr. Trudeau, despite the sorrow in our hearts, can we now raise our Canadian flag again… just like in the Mohawk territory?”

  1. Food for Thought, White Progressivism, and Ceded Territories

    Ceded territories, Mohawk territory, etc…”Tribalism”, not “Nationalism”, of Western Liberal Democracies/Immigration Nation-States, and the concept of individualism.

    White Progressives aka White Supremacists love this concept of ceded territories because it’s their justification and excuse to go back to Europe and live with their own tribes, the Anglo-Saxon tribes under the pretext of “National Socialism”. Because of their “White Fragility”, I for one wish these National Socialists would move back to be with their, own kind, we all be better off for it.

    I also like to thank those who served to give us our freedoms of individualism and yes most of them were college uneducated White Cis Males, or as Progressives like to call them “Privileged”. White Progressivism is the new “Classism” of the 21st Century and these so-called Progressives are nothing more than backhanded conceded racists to the core, and I for one am not on board.

    21st Century Progressivism “The Virtue is Always, The Cover for The Sin”.

    The Maple Leaf, The Canadian Flag is a symbol of individualism, not tribalism. Character, not race or gender matters in other words kindness, and everyone has the right to be an individual not just White Progressives.

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