Doesn’t Jessica deserve justice?

Thank you journalist Roula Douglas for re-tweeting this moving picture taken at the destroyed Beirut port.

Bambi’s heart goes to Jessica’s sister/mom while she re-affirms her support to Judge Tarek Bitar. May his investigation (now suspended) continue again… “until the end“, to use his own words (as per the earlier post below).

Regardless of the outcomes of this investigation, this decent and courageous judge is a “hero“, to use Maya’s words (as per the comment to the post below). Indeed, he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize (Bambi is nominating him now in her heart)!

To conclude this post on a musical note, here is Mr. Fadi Bazzi’s timely French song for Beirut following its blast (subtitled in English).

One thought on “Doesn’t Jessica deserve justice?”

  1. Of course Jessica and all the victims , wounded persons and their families deserve justice, and the criminals will be all judged if not on earth, am sure after death. I wish for them and their families to live all the pain that they have made innocent people live??

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