Royal Canadian Legion: Why can’t we honour both our veterans/flag and the memory of Indigenous children at the same time?

Canada has lowered its flag in a sign of deep sorrow, after the discovery of the first sets of unmarked graves (of Indigenous children) over 5 months ago. The flags have been lowered ever since.

Why is our Royal Canadian Legion planning “to raise the flag at the National War Memorial in Ottawa before the Remembrance Day ceremony — and then lower it again to half-mast” (

Is it because it is Mr. Trudeau’s wish not to raise it ahead of November 11 (for the poppy campaign)? Or is it out of much political correctness in our country? Or out of a related fear of censorship or any concern about defunding (, deplatforming, or even simply unpopularity in the public opinion? Or is Bambi completely wrong in raising any of these questions?

The plan to raise then lower the Canadian flag, or rather some of our flags, seems absurd to her, if not childish. She regrets to say that it does not seem to respectful, despite the good intentions.

She is saying this and she recognizes the good will and sensitivity of all Canadians, including those decision-makers.

Bambi is saying so with the utmost respect for our legion that she keeps supporting as well as Remembrance Day that she will forever keep honouring.

She is saying it also with her still heavy heart for all the Indigenous children, her compassion toward their families and loved ones, and her sadness about the cultural genocide.

These children could have been hers (the ones she did not have). These children may have been yours or… are perhaps literally yours. These are Canada’s children.

Thus, we are all sad and we have all paid tribute. There is no need for increased overbid of virtue signalling (with our flag).

We have rightly lowered our beautiful Canadian flag as well as aching hearts. However, it is time now for our hearts to keep going on and flags to be treated with more respect.

Yes, life goes on even when grieving… Sadly, life continues with the same hypocritical politicians who impose excessive,and thus meaningless, symbols on all of us. All means including Indigenous Canadians who love their country, just like Bambi. They do so while denying further justice to Indigenous children ( How can we take them seriously then?

Why don’t we simply return to our legion’s meaningful traditions?

If we forgot those traditions, here is a reminder. It is about the Vimy Ridge Day of April 9, 2017 in which the flag is lowered by the legion that joins the federal, provincial and municipal institutions in this gesture of respect (

To conclude this post, enough of contradictions Canada/Mr. Trudeau et al… please. Plus, you as well as Canadians can hold normal as well as common contradictory, simultaneous, grief feelings: of pride with sorrow, of sadness yet patriotic love (or vice versa), and of respect for our veterans/flag with aspirations for more fairness.

Thank you.

Bambi’s older post on the topic:

One thought on “Royal Canadian Legion: Why can’t we honour both our veterans/flag and the memory of Indigenous children at the same time?”

  1. The Veterans from WW2 fought under a different flag, the Ensign, so the flag stuff is just something I tend to ignore…. I do see a lot of flags around town … but I remember the old town hall because I’ve been here since October 2010 before the new big town hall was built.. the old town hall flew the Union Jack, Canadian Flag, and the New Brunswick flag… always thought that looked classy.. I have never lived anywhere that flew a U.N. flag – so this was a first to me. Not sure what to think about the ‘decolonization’ activism and the new declaration by the mayor that we’re on mikmak territory.. it seems this town goes back to the 1760s so it was formed under a true monarch before the royals were corrupted with the rothschilds .. see documents for more on this… as for the indigenous campaigning and time for reflection I don’t know what to suggest people do who were not responsible for crimes against others… I don’t do the collective guilt stuff but CAO Jamie Burke telling us we “need to reflect” was curious to say the least… the state were the ones abusing native children, why are the public being shamed by the perps? Its called gaslighting.

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