Although it may “not” be a “diplomatic crisis” for Saudi Arabia, it could be a humanitarian crisis for the Lebanese people

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Koweit all expelled the Lebanese Ambassadors from their respective countries (as partly explained in the earlier post further below). They even recalled their own Ambassadors there. Some have even asked their own citizens to avoid flying to this country (or to leave it?). Yet, the Saudi foreign minister “denies a diplomatic crisis“, as per this CNBC brief news interview.

As one dear journalist told Bambi this morning, this new saga is the same old “arm wrestling” between the powers of the region (i.e., Saudi Arabia-Iran historic conflict). Sadly, it is once again the innocent (and exhausted!) Lebanese families that could pay a huge price for this so-called “none” diplomatic crisis, if it is not solved soon.

Indeed, MANY Lebanese families have loved ones working in these Arab countries. They cannot afford a potential escalation of this serious latest crisis, may God forbid. They need their loved ones to be working in peace in those welcoming countries to keep earning a living. Yes, they do need their financial support because life has been increasingly unbearable in tiny, bankrupt and now more polarized Lebanon.

So please everyone, be wise and be diplomatic. Be human. Just be kind to the people of Lebanon. Forget who is in charge or who is not. Forget who said what. Persons inside Lebanon be wise now more than ever. Bambi is saying so with all due respect to all the countries involved in this “none” diplomatic crisis, including her birth country with its DEEP problems and with any effort to begin solving them. It does not need further polarization. It just needs solutions to its multiple crises because its population cannot take it anymore… Does anyone care or still care for them?

Bambi’s earlier post on this topic:

One thought on “Although it may “not” be a “diplomatic crisis” for Saudi Arabia, it could be a humanitarian crisis for the Lebanese people”

  1. Megawealthy House of Saud, like the House of Windsor, doesn’t seem to play fair [ and no one is able to ensure they do ] .. but we do not need to lose our humanity even if they do not have any… the people are witnessing levels of corruption in government and monarchy structures that baffle the mind… profits from war, weapons, armaments.. call it “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” or refer to it as the Military Industrial Complex.. never-ending shock and awe, chaos and terror, and destruction is what George Orwell wrote about in “1984” — do you suppose the young people in school are given this book to read as they were when we were young? I was born in England in immigrant family came to Canada in 1974. I received the “pre dumbing down” agenda-type Canadian education, fortunately. I enjoy learning new things in Sackville NB.

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