A concrete move against Lebanon’s endemic corruption: Thanks to the USA (Mr. Biden, Mr. Blinken, etc.)

Below, you can find the coverage of this story in the Lebanese media in French, English, and Arabic respectively:



This is a start… or is it a continuation? Bambi lost track of the details in the middle of Lebanon’s multiple crises. Anyhow, thank you Washington for resorting to such a move. It seems to have been done across political affiliations, as per the clever slogan of the revolt of Lebanon’s people: “Kiloun Yaani Kiloun” (“All of them means all of them!”). The latter refers to Lebanon’s ruling mafia, which at times colludes with its powerful militia. Yes, corruption is prevalent in this tiny Mediterranean country. It exists across political parties as well as in high-profile partners from the private sector. Those resorting to corruption became billionaires while their population is literally starving :(, without access to life savings (withheld in banks) and without electricity, gas, medication, food, etc.

The cleanup was overdue, as per the song below!

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