Waterloo Region District School Board: Since when book censorship makes our world a better place?

Of course in the name of equity (most likely within the illogical logic of the dogma called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion“), we learned from a Cambridge Today media article that the Waterloo Region District School Board banned books deemed “harmful to staff and students” (https://www.cambridgetoday.ca/local-news/books-deemed-harmful-to-staff-and-students-are-being-removed-from-regions-public-school-libraries-4551859).

Since when books are harmful?

Since when book censorship is enriching for staff and students’ creativity?

Since when book banning is good to teach critical thinking skills?

Since when erasing history or cultural heritage is beneficial for brains and civilizations?

When will we collectively stand up together to say enough of this modern form of intellectual terrorism in our societies?

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