A new “ministry of mental health and addictions”: When will Ottawa stop invading provincial jurisdictions?

As slow as a turtle, Mr. Trudeau finally formed his “new” government.

We learned from his move that could have been perhaps made, without resorting to a very expensive election (when we are headed for inflation), the following:

Ottawa is creating a federal ministry of mental heath, called the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions:



For those who may have forgotten Canada’s federal system, this is CLEARLY not under Ottawa’s jurisdiction. Indeed, Mr. Blanchet, Leader of the clever Bloc Québécois, is absolutely right in “denouncing the unacceptable interference in a field of exclusive jurisdiction of the provinces“, as per LActualité (https://lactualite.com/actualites/blanchet-denonce-la-creation-dun-ministere-federal-de-la-sante-mentale/).

Here is a Google translate of the LActualité article above:


To conclude this brief post, first, thank you Mr. Blanchet. Second, and most importantly, until when will Ottawa keep invading provincial jurisdictions?

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