Fifteen months after the Beirut blast: Mr. Abbas Mazloum (38 at the time) dies of his critical spinal cord injury

According to L’Orient Le Jour and 961, Lebanon lost Mr. Abbas Mazloum. He was 38 years old at the time of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion. For fifteen long months, he suffered a painful spinal cord injury that has paralyzed him ever since.

Mr Mazloum was a Chef at a restaurant in the Mar Mikhaël neighbourhood, one of the most devastated areas of the Lebanese capital. Who knows? Perhaps he was even the cook at the same restaurant where Bambi’s niece was injured, she could not help not to wonder. Or was it maybe another nearby restaurant in this beautiful area of Beirut. Regardless, Bambi’s heart is aching now for Mr. Mazloum’ family and friends.

Will they, along with the other 218 grieving families, ever know the truth behind this unacceptable home-made tragedy (whether by mere negligence or otherwise)? Will justice be finally served?

More broadly, will Lebanon manage to stop its speedy descent toward hell? It has literally become a parody of country where citizens do not have access to their bank savings, do not have their basic needs met (gas, medication, affordable food etc.), and are not safe even in neither their homes nor workplaces. In addition, the ruling mafia of their country keeps paralyzing their political institutions and attacking their judiciary system to avoid accountability. Most alarmingly, the ghost of civil war seems to be still vivid not just in some spirits, but also in Beirut streets where a regular day recently turned into a fatal flashback of the civil war (may all those killed and injured then also rest in peace).

To conclude this post, may Mr. Mazloum’s memory be eternal. If she may, without knowing them, Bambi would like to send his family members and friends her wishes of internal peace, along with a prayer (thanks to Mr. Marc Reaidy Baz)… May external peace know how to keep prevailing in their/our beloved Beirut.

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