NB code of silence/N-B omerta: “Mysterious neurological disease”… Nothing to see here. Move along.

Many months ago when the story about this unknown neurological disease was first reported in the media, it was Bambi’s sister who attracted her attention it… all the way from Beirut, Lebanon. Since then, Bambi started following any update with great interest (and even concern), like her fellow New Brunswickers.

It is indeed heart-breaking to see what all these patients have gone through. Of note, some of them are so young, including Ms. Gabrielle Cormier who is just 20 years old. It is very sad to read about the distress of their hopeless families. Plus, who knows? This may also be a potentially worrisome development in our province, with 48 patients (six of whom have even died… May their memory be eternal).

This being said, bravo to the families who are asking our government for more transparency. Thanks to our politicians, namely our own Green Party MLA Ms. Megan Mitton and others from the opposition, for supporting these families in their call for more transparency, as per the CTV News-Atlantic below:



To conclude this post on a sarcastic note, had our governments wanted citizens to be as afraid as of the coronavirus, the media narrative would have likely been more abundant and alarming. Who knows? Perhaps the public opinion would have been even as concerned as with the Covid-19 pandemic (whether with or without a reason). Anyhow, regardless of any speculation, Bambi’s heart goes to all the patients and their families. She thanks all the journalists who gave a voice to these otherwise voiceless patients and their loved ones. Last but not least, she joins her own voice to all those urging our government to be as transparent as realistically possible (even without clear answers)!

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