Will Covid-19 vaccines for 5 to 11 year olds, once approved, be rolled out in a “parent-friendly way”, along with the “child-friendly” way, the CBC seems to be concerned about?

First, here is the CBC article in question. It is entitled “How can Canada roll out COVID-19 vaccines in a ‘child-friendly’ way?


Second, or rather first, here is what happened in California. It “recently enacted state and local Covid-19 vaccine mandates for students“, those younger than 12 years old (likely the 5-11).


The California Governor said: “It is just one additional vaccine” (https://www.lemonde.fr/planete/article/2021/10/02/covid-19-le-vaccin-va-devenir-obligatoire-pour-tous-les-eleves-en-californie_6096816_3244.html). His plans are that “once fully FDA-approved, the Covid-19 vaccine will be required to enter school just as other vaccines such as measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, and tetanus are, to name a few” (https://www.forbes.com/sites/ninashapiro/2021/10/01/california-governor-to-mandate-covid-19-vaccine-for-schools/?sh=4428e15e78da).

But is it really like just another vaccine? Especially the one we will be injecting them with? And does this coronavirus affect children in the same way as the 70+? NO… Or those with chronic diseases or weakened immune system? Generally no and yes, for children who have known risk factors, like those in older people, or other medical complexities (mind you, this being said, we do live in a part of the country where childhood obesity is prevalent).

Once again, Bambi will ask the same questions, as in an earlier post: “will we respect parental choices of vaccinating their own children or not? This is usually the case in trials or in medical treatments. One must also recall that the coronavirus is rather low risk in MOST children (of course, excluding those with the known risk factors of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, like in adults, or those with medical complexity)?”

And again, “will we respect parents’ choices? Or will we treat them like children?” “Will parents be given full informed consent, according to Dr. Bruce Pardy“.

To come back to California, here is how parents reacted there: They “demonstrated on Monday to show their oppositionMany of the parents said they’re not anti-vaccine, but they don’t want to be forced to get their children vaccinated” (https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20211019/california-parents-protest-school-vaccine-mandates).

What would/will Canadian parents do if similar mandates are enacted here? Will they accept it, as they accept so many odd or excessive measures because they may be too paralyzed by fear… or collectively too passive?

To conclude this post, despite the losses, Bambi feels blessed today because she does not have kids. She just feels for all the parents who are lost now or, worst, who feel pushed by all the narrative and authorities, to give a perhaps unneeded vaccination to their child, even if it is generally safe (being approved by Health Canada)? Perhaps their child already had Covid-19, with or without symptoms, or perhaps they are not as worried as other parents (who are eagerly awaiting to vaccinate their children)? Bambi is asking all these questions because it is her understanding that the vaccinated can still transmit the virus. Plus, she observes that some of the politically decided measures are harsh or irrational (arbitrary).

4 thoughts on “Will Covid-19 vaccines for 5 to 11 year olds, once approved, be rolled out in a “parent-friendly way”, along with the “child-friendly” way, the CBC seems to be concerned about?”

  1. I don’t take advice from pharmacists…and I’m not sure why no one seems to question Guardian Drugstore Charles Beaver’s ongoing jabbies campaigning in our town.. over 7000 people have been ‘coerced’ into an experimental jab[s]… feel free to email me about getting together to discuss your employment situation for a video and more. 101 deaths in almost two years just isn’t a pandemic in our population of 777,000 I think people need to calm down and use their brains and think about everything being reported. CHMA has certainly done nothing but create promotional media for the jabbies and test kit industries.. Its weird/sad.

    1. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Bambi is with vaccination, as massively as realistically possible, that is without coercion (so like you then). Although you may be right in general, we are lucky to have this great pharmacy in town and pharmacist (with all due respect to all the pharmacists of our town and province. Here is what Bambi wrote to Mr. Beaver’s team after her first shot:
      “Hello to all:
      I said thank you verbally when I left your pharmacy this morning (after staying 30 mn given the small possibility of allergic reaction). I am now writing to officially express my gratitude for your efficient AND caring service (hosting, coordinating, and delivering the Covid-19 vaccine) in addition to your regular excellent pharmacy services. Bravo to the great/busy nurse and caring pharmacy staff. Please keep up your great work & thanks for existing in Sackville.”

  2. What you have is a merger of corrupt mercantilist interests (Big Pharma) wanting to sell their product by force (as opposed to by choice, which I have no problem with) and the fascist left, who never miss an opportunity to undermine parental authority – one of their primary methods of growing their own power. This is the end result.

    More broadly, this is why, in the early stages of fascist left takeover of society, these types often get along so well with corrupt mercantilist interests, who effectively end up doing their work for them. These same corrupt mercantilists will, eventually, hang with the rope that they’ll have sold to the fascist left, as Marx pointed out.

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