Beirut’s demonstration of Hezbollah-Amal against Judge Bitar: At least 6 dead and 30 wounded

Before going to sleep, Bambi read that the Hezbollah and its allied Amal militia were calling for a large demonstration in the streets against Judge Bitar (leading the investigation about the Beirut blast). She closed her eyes to sleep with a prayer in her heart for her birth country…

This morning, Bambi received a call from her parents reassuring her that they are safe and sound. They thought of calling before she reads the news about the war scenes in Beirut streets. She begged them to stay away from windows/their balcony.

There has been at least (for now) 6 dead people and 30 injured, including a 24-year-old young woman in her own apartment. What is her fault? What is the fault of the innocent population?

Look at those kids and their parents scared to death? Bambi just read in the L’Orient Le Jour about a child telling his mom that he does not want to die.

A picture taken from An Nahar.
A picture taken from l’Orient Le Jour
A picture taken from An Nahar (like the above). Thank you for protecting this scared boy…

Shame on anyone who uses his or her illegal weapon (whomever the powerful group of the era or country) to play war games in the streets, killing innocent people!

The irony is to see some of those playing war in the streets of Beirut appearing to be so health-conscience (with their medical masks). Yet they do not seem to mind the loss of lives of their fellow innocent citizens. Do you see the ironic contradiction? Or was the mask just meant to help in hiding one’s face behind? Whatever it is and whomever you are: just STOP!

A picture taken from An Anahar. This Lebanese newspaper had the following title:” A message from An Nahar: Do not shoot yourselves“. Yourselves (or us all) is the best antidote to the “us” versus “them” that extremists hide behind to justify their rigid positions. Hezbollah is a master in the latter, especially when they feel threatened (by the blast investigation or by demands to disarm, etc.).
So is and would/could be any other extremist group, make no mistake.

Although Bambi may be wrong, in her mind, the real issue behind all this comes down to the unresolved problem since the end of civil war: The weapons of the Hezbollah (and its allied other militia?). Any country should ONLY have the legal weapons of its army.

A wise answer to violence is not more or reverse violence.

Indeed, everyone loses when violence rules, especially the innocent population.

Sadly, violence is part of the past, present, but hopefully not the future of tiny, bankrupt, heavily-armed, yet hopeful Lebanon.

To conclude on a (VERY short-term) more positive note, if Bambi understood well, there has been a ceasefire agreement now… Fingers crossed!

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