Thanksgiving/Action de Grâce: Bambi thanks you all! Merci de Bambi!

In the language of Shakespeare

On this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Bambi would like to warmly thank you for your incredible support, whether in the form of a word or a gesture of kindness, courage, fairness, openness, generosity, and… especially humanity. This is called love in Bambi’s dictionary. For her, love is simply the essence of life. THANK YOU from the bottom of her heart!

Dans la langue de Molière

En ce congé de l’Action de Grâce au Canada, Bambi aimerait vous remercier chaleureusement pour votre incroyable soutien que ce soit en forme d’un mot ou d’un geste de gentillesse, courage, justice, ouverture d’esprit, generosité et… surtout d’humanité. Ceci s’appelle de l’amour dans le dictionnaire de Bambi. Pour elle, l’amour est tout simplement l’essence de la vie. MERCI du fond du coeur!

To continue on a musical note, first Bambi will offer you a fun kids’ song to highlight the season in French. This will be followed by another kids’ song in English. Finally, Bambi will share a more serious and surely beautiful song in Arabic by Lebanon’s unifying pride, Fairouz. This song is taken from one of the musicals of the Rahbani Brothers (1973), entitled “Al Mahata” [“The Station”/”La gare“]. Bambi was surprised to hear herself singing it while cleaning the house, even if she hasn’t heard it for ages :). Seriously, Fairouz’ song, Imani Satwe, is meaningful because it talks about someone’s faith in life. “Faith in whatever life will bringfaith in the spring that will come after the storms“, perhaps also faith, if you wish, in the whatever you strongly believe in or not (atheism, your own spirituality, God, Allah, G-d, Goddesses, love, respect for all, science, politics, ideologies, nothing or all/some of the latter).

To conclude this post, and as far as she is concerned, Bambi’s faith in life has always been in humanity. For the latter, she will keep singing (despite her ugly voice!). In other terms, until her last breath in life… even when too frail to clean the house :).

Happy Thanksgiving to all/Bonne Action de Grâce!

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving/Action de Grâce: Bambi thanks you all! Merci de Bambi!”

  1. Gratitude for life, love, abundance and liberty… and those with the courage to fight for the good things in this life “Bambi”.. Please take care of yourself… I feel you have been unfairly treated by Mount Allison University… but much appreciate the efforts of you and others who know what is important in our world and find the courage to speak out and reach out to others.

    1. MANY thanks Sally for your kind words, filled with compassion, and for your continuous reading of Bambi’s blog. Bambi is yet to meet you in real life to thank you in person for your humanity toward her. In the meantime, she will simply say that hearts AND reason can virtually yet concretely meet and appreciate each other. Bambi’s blog is enriched with all your comments and her heart is grateful. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving rest of the week to you/your family!

  2. Awww that is sweet. You are a great friend. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Your family…..have an amazing celebration.

    1. MANY thanks Tammy for your kind and moving words. Same to you/your family! Thank you for being who you are (a wonderful, compassionate/kind, and competent lady!). Bambi is honoured to have you as a friend ❤️!

  3. What a beautiful read first thing in the morning! Thank you, Bambi. Thank you for lifting out spirits, for your positive thoughts and love your project. Thank you for being you❤️. Have a wonderful holiday.

    1. MANY thanks Zeina; same to you and your family! Bambi is so touched by your beautiful words that went straight to her heart. Thanks to you rather for being who you are (filled with authenticity and compassion) ❤️.

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