Beirutis’ courage is inspiring!

It is getting late, but Bambi does not want to go to sleep without thanking her sister Rania for sharing a moving picture from the sit-in that took place this past Wednesday in front of the Palais de Justice of Beirut. Indeed, families of the victims of the surrealistic Beirut explosion, and dozens of citizens, gathered to support Judge Bitar, the lead investigator of the blast. As a reminder, the latter has been temporary suspended from his function because he wanted to interview politicians. This is a blatant political interference in the justice system. People refuse it.

Anyhow, Bambi’s sister, Ms. Rania Berbery, was among the demonstrators. Yes, she was there as a citizen whose spouse AND daughter were injured on August 4, 2020, as a citizen who lost several friends, and (last but not least) as a photographer who could no help not to capture the historic moment.

As a reminder, Judge Bitar received death threats (i.e., from the Hezbollah). Related to this, Bambi read in the media that some people, present at this demonstration, chanted slogans against not just their corrupt leaders but also against the Hezbollah. Isn’t it sad that the innocent population of Lebanon is taken hostage of both the country’s ruling mafia and militia?

Well, in contrast with many of today’s Western’s countries (including ours) where fear is widespread (as a result of much political correctness), we cannot help not to be inspired by the courage of the people of tiny, bankrupt yet resisting Lebanon.

Who knows? Perhaps we can think that the people of Lebanon have nothing to lose anymore. They already lost so much, including their loved ones! Is this why Lebanese people dare to demonstrate in support of their judges, showing solidarity with one another, even if freedom of expression is known to be under attack in their country? Anyhow, in addition to their anger right now, both courage and lucidity are notorious characteristics of Lebanon’s people. May their political lucidity help them in voting out all their corrupt (warlord) leaders. May their courage allow them to survive until their forthcoming elections, despite the sinking economic/financial boat :(.

This being said, Bambi will now share the very moving picture taken by her sister. In it, you can see the faces of the 215 victims of the Beirut blast, Thank you Rania. Bravo to you and to your fellow citizens still demanding justice.

Best wishes to Judge Bitar!

A picture taken by Ms. Rania Azar-Berbery showing the 215 victims of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion at a sit-in in from the Palais de justice of Beirut (Wednesday; September 29, 2021).

To conclude this post, Bambi would like to honour Beirut in her own way by also sharing with you a moving song she heard on the radio this morning. It is called: “Is is possible one day?” The singer is the famous Mr. Ghassan Saliba. The lyrics are in Lebanese-Arabic. When Bambi later googled the song, she was happy to find it on YouTube, showing us a view of the Beirut port (post-tragedy) from the Mediterranean sea.

Bambi read one of the comments below the video (of a certain Ms. Maguy Chaaya), asking if this song could be translated into English or French for those who do not understand Arabic (like herself). Well, Bambi searched the internet and could not find an official translation. However, she took the initiative of addressing the request of Ms. Chaaya. She translated this song for her :): The English lyrics appear below, followed by the song. Much love to Beirut and… please hang on Lebanon!

Is it possible to go back in time and forget what happened

In the city inhabited by sadness and destruction?

Is it possible, one of these days, to extinguish the fire

In the hearts they have burned and made them collapse?

Is it possible, one of these days, to resume writing poems

about the beautiful city we fell in love with and keep waiting and waiting for?

Is it possible, one of these days, to be able to erase what happened to this sad city

So the journey can begin?

The bewildered population of this country when it has the decision-making

It begs for justice from any place and any forum of decision-making

Is it possible, one of these days, to do something for the many who have survived

Reach the end of the story and put an end to the defeat?

Is it possible, one of these days, that the generations that do not chose their destiny

will get rid of this injustice and change the course of history?

One day will come when all the secrets will be uncovered

And this stubborn land will be crowned with glory…

Thank you Mr. Ghassan Saliba

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