Greta Thunberg’s speech on “30 years of blahblahblah” applies so perfectly to Lebanese politicians!

First, according to BBC, “the Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg, used her speech at the Youth4Climate conference in Milan to mock the words of world leaders, including UK PM Boris Johnson“.

Second, here is the speech in question by Ms. Thunberg who is an adult now (she turned 18, it seems. Yes, time flies fast in life…):

Second, while listening to the above video, Bambi imagined this speech as being rather written for Lebanon :). It applies so well from its start to its end. We can simply replace “climate justice” by “JUSTICE”. Yes, justice that is lacking at all levels right now: financially, economically, military/security, sanitary, and of course environmentally! The word “blahblahblah” would apply so perfectly. No need to replace it.

Well, given this, can Ms. Thunberg take a boat from Italy to Lebanon (since she does not like to fly) and repeat her speech there, please… Yes, PLEASE? Perhaps she can deliver this same speech in front of the Palais de justice of Beirut (regarding its blast) or regarding the ponzi scheme in the banking sector, which impoverished so many kids and their families all at once?

Third, after reading the related media articles on youth walking in the streets of Milano, Bambi could not help not to wonder the following: What makes our youth so diligently passionate about the cause of climate change? You may wish to see pictures in these two media articles, one in Italian and the other in French:

With all due respect to wisdom in younger generations, many youth have trouble seeing beyond the tip of their nose when they are going through adolescence. Thus, it is particularly fascinating for Bambi to see these young people so focused on the topic of climate change like that. Indeed, they even have remained passionate despite a two-year-pause of demonstrations because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yes, Bambi is curious. What makes youth so focused on this and not on other crying problems in our world? In other terms, and just as some examples, why this and why not the wellness of elderly people or mental health or gender inequality in some parts of the world or child poverty, etc.? Could (social) conformity be a significant motivating factor?

Anyhow, to conclude this post and regardless of the underlying motivation, thanks to our youth for being passionate about important topics, including climate change. Best wishes to our planet earth!

5 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg’s speech on “30 years of blahblahblah” applies so perfectly to Lebanese politicians!”

  1. Google and YouTube today 10/18/2021
    Further restricting debate on Climate Change

    “This includes content referring to climate change as a hoax or a scam, claims denying that long-term trends show the global climate is warming, and claims denying that greenhouse gas emissions or human activity contribute to climate change.”

    So you can’t even question the degrees of things or other factors like natural climate cycles. Or who is profiting or had profited from Climate Change via market forces like Carbon Offsets. With their so-called carbon offset stock exchanges. Carbon Offsets and their unethical trading practices are fraudulent in nature aka Carbon Offsets, trading thin air which to many is surmountable to being a scam and needs to be questioned very seriously, always keep in mind “The Virtue is Always the Cover for the Sin”.

    Big Tech Policing Information, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, iPhones, etc…

    The people of “Oceania”, while “Al Gore “armageddon” clock expire”

    An Inconvenient Truth
    18 spectacularly wrong predictions made around the time of first Earth Day in 1970, expect more this year –

    YouTube – Climate Change Censorship
    It is interesting to keep in mind the term “Climate Change” is ambiguous, in laymen’s terms, it is meant to be vague by design to force certain outcomes.

    The actual Environmental Movement has seen a hostile take over by Climate Change activists with agendas/narratives, the politics of fear, and not the quest for truth at all, Greta Thunberg. Letting unelected bodies override individual rights one vote one person, dismantling Western Democracies of their individualism. Organizations like The United Nations (UN) and The European Economic Union (EEU) have completely overstepped their original mandates.

    The Climate Censores of YouTube

    YouTube Climate Censores, “The Ministry of Truth”
    it will eventually backfire as it should in any Western Democracy.

    YouTube Climate Censors, censoring others and refusing to watch, listen nor read other articles with different perspectives.

    YouTube Climate Censors, labeling things as partly false like a YouTube Clip, in laymen’s terms having the wrong perspective/perspectives. All of a sudden there are no degrees of things, it is either black or white, segregation of thought.

    YouTube Climate Censors, will not just demonetize that one YouTube clip video but the entire work of that author’s publications on YouTube. Affecting the entire distribution of that individual’s publications on YouTube.

    The Climate Censors

    Follow The Money
    Environmentalists VS. Climate Change Activists

    Academia – Environmentalism, Facts, Range of Predictions

    True environmentalism is about a healthy debate between Meteorologists (Math-Based) and Environmental Scientists (Broader Field of Study, The Economists of Meteorologists). Which is about math, science, and our planet’s future, and the quest for truth that is a good thing. Also, let’s not forget that Meteorologists will disagree with Meteorologists and Environmental Scientists will disagree with Environmental Scientists.

    Activism – Climate Change, The Apocalypse

    Climate Change in reality per se is not a hoax. In reality, Climate Change is far more dangerous than a hoax because Climate Change is an economic model that is based on a pyramid scheme, racketeering. That has left a lot of would-be dictators and the 1% global industrialist very wealthy without having to do anything but exchange thin air. Which in reality has made the pollution problems way worse especially in developing and third world countries. These globalist accords like “The Paris Accord” are not worth the paper they are written on, they are not legally binding. Nothing more than tedious virtual signaling from The Progressive Plutocratic Classes to enrich their hedge funds e.g. civil service unions.

    The Carbon-Offset Scam, etc…

    “Mike, we are a green energy company, but the green stands for money”
    Quote – Jeffery Skilling, convicted felon CEO of Enron Corporation.

    Goldman Sachs Buys Into Carbon Offsets –

    The Flow Chart “Cap & Trade” & “Carbon Offsets
    Company Factory A – in India says it plans to expand by 200%.
    Company Factory A – in India say now says it only plans to expand by 100%.
    Company Factory A – in India gets a Carbon Offset Credit payment for 100% for Not Expanding Their Carbon Footprint to 200%.
    Company Factory A – in India gets a Carbon Offset Credit which pays way more than a Carbon Credit which actually Reduces the Existing Carbon Footprint at a Factory e.g Turning Off their Lights Early at Night.
    Company Factory A – in India only Expanded only for the Carbon Offset Credit, to begin with as a result, the Carbon Footprint goes up by 100%. It Pays to Pollute ! They also know there are no real verification mechanisms.
    Company Factory B – in the US a much Bigger Company now can buy that Carbon Offset Credit from Company A, in India. As a result, Company B in the US does not have to cut their Carbon Footprint at all.

    Of course, the big winners are the brokerage firms that do all the trading e.g. Goldman Sachs, energy trading companies make a killing in the market. It is all just a shell game in trading thin air. All this is ‘Self-Regulating’ by each country with no consistent standards and it is “Voluntary Market” no verification to speak of e.g. “Trust but Verify” just perfect for money laundering and enriching 3rd world dictators.

    NBC which owns Winnipeg Iron Works, which owns AHP Chanagi Party Meat Corporation of Pyongyang, North Korea (and they will take care of your Carbon Offset machines).

    Progressivism “A Fake Nice”
    Emotional, Safe Place Bills, A Wide Range with Intrusive Nets

    How to sell this crap to The Herds, Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) aka Progressives, Activists appeal to their emotions. Progressives are just adult children with the luxury of having “safe places”.

    Pass a bill that has a great facade while padding it with something else.
    even though in reality is about Springfield Airport Noise.

    The Simpsons
    Episode: “Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington”

    “Krusty is elected to Congress and eventually has a bill passed to change the flight path.”

    “fix the Air Traffic Bill with a paperclip to another bill giving orphans American flags.”

    “At home, the Simpsons are happy to get the peace and quiet that they heroically fought for. Homer says that the planes are now flying where they belong — over the homes of poor people.”

    YouTube Clipo – Springfield Airport Noise

    Your Phone is Turning You into an Asshole –

    Why I am not a Progressive and refuse to be one.
    Progressivism is not about your true character as an individual.
    It is about your perceived value within a group or groups.

    Maybe it is about time we call out these none people, Progressives. The herd/herds that make their living off being “influencers”, “activists” that make their money by publically shaming and demanding that individuals be canceled for having a mere challenge to orthodoxy. Maybe it is time to call them out and have them canceled “The Ministry of Truth”.

    In reality, today’s Progressive are modern-day snitches selling their services and souls to be assets for universities, government, big tech, and corporate America. So these entities can emulate The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of having an Authoritarian Capalists system here at home.

    In reality, Progressives are nothing more than extreme bullies, unlike regular bullies that get called out for their bad behaviors and punished, like Pres. Donald Trump. “The teacher’s pet” snitches, Progressives are being rewarded for many of their bad behaviors. Progressives snitches for “thought crimes” and The Gatekeepers of Misinformation for “The Ministry of Truth”. Progressivism “War is Peace” is Orwellian in nature. Ignore what Progressives say but watch their behaviors and their violent tendencies in the name of the greater good, economic model “Noble Cause Corruption”.

    Sincerely, Demian Hammock

    1. How sad the world we live in right now indeed… Where is reason and logic? Where is common sense? Where is love and acceptance of all opinions and of all people? Thanks Demian for sharing. Always very thoughtful. Is anyone listening and reflecting? Bambi always learns much from your insights and resources (that she is eager to listen to). As you can guess, her own censorship saga that led to her suspension from her tenured academic position without pay for SEVEN months and without being allowed on campus (like a dangerous criminal), just because of her personal blog, is an example of the harm fanaticism (or intolerance) can do to a society and a country, especially when courage to resist it is scarce…

    1. Thanks for sharing Demian. I wonder if Greta has a sense of humour to smile to such jokes :). A sense of humour is good to nurture in life, especially when we are a famous public figure like her. I also wonder what Greta Thunberg et al. think of my parents getting water not on a daily basis, not because their country lacks water or snow natural resources, but because of the mere corruption of their politicians! When they get water to shower, it can be freezing cold (imagine at their age and with the winter season ahead!). What does she think of how they spent their summer in the darkness (no or little power). What does she think of the reality there where the gas crisis is preventing cars from moving. What about schools, hospitals, bakeries, manufactories of medication (and other products) not able to run, etc.? CO2 emissions may be perhaps lower as a result, but the suffering of people and the economy (almost dead) are unbearable.

      1. Environmentalism, A Horoscope for Progressives

        Not everyone can afford to have what I like to term for argument’s sake Progressive Western Privilege. “The Karen’s'” or more appropriately the Marie Antoinette’s of the world who for some reason always have a boyfriend/significant other that plays the banjo in an indie band.

        Progressive Western Privilege having the luxury of being able to sit around all day reading their daily “horoscopes” as if it were fact. Running around in hysterics predicting when the world is going to end as if they were God.

        That’s not science. Environmentalism is now nothing more than a hobby for upper-middle-class Westerners because they have too much time on their hands.

        The fact the environmental base has anointed Greta Thunberg as their spoke’s person and their God. Indeed shows how juvenile this movement has become “they have made their beds and they will have to lie in it”.

        As a result, environmentalism and environmentalists are now punchlines simply nothing more than a joke and deservedly so.

        Everyone is laughing at them accept them because if you align yourself with the environmental movement in 2021 you are a joke.

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