Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté: “Where the whites are fired because they are white” [“Là où on vire les blancs parce qu’ils sont blancs”]

When we think we reached the top of absurdity in our collectively insane times, there is a story that comes out and it proves us wrong. Yes, there is room fore more absurdity (and racism), of course in the name of anti-racism… It is called progress nowadays.

It is no longer enough to be obsessed by race (or another aspect of someone’s identity like gender or whatever else); no, not just enough to only see others through this lens ONLY. To hell their character (sorry Dr. Martin Luther King Jr… Each day your dream is being killed in front of our eyes…). Now, we reached a point where we can fire people because of their skin colour in the UK, it seems. Thankfully, there is a push-back to insanity in this country and from out of Québec (OK now out of France where he is working for a year): Yes, thank you Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté for writing about this story for the Journal de Montréal.

Of note, a UK news article about this story was sent to Bambi last week by a “dear” person from out of Beirut. Of note, the latter was shocked, yet not surprised, to read yet another absurd story coming from today’s Western countries. The world is truly upside down!

Anyhow, here is Bock-Côté’s article, followed by a quick English translation [OK– with a couple of comments by Bambi here and there]. It is entitled: “Where the whites are fired because they are white”:


“In the United Kingdom, the fight against what the multiculturalist left calls “systemic racism” and for the promotion of “diversity” has just revealed its true face.

We saw this a week ago when the English Touring Opera decided to part ways [or end the professional relationship] with 14 musicians who have worked for it for years, sometimes for 20 years, under the simple pretext that they were unfortunate enough to be white.

In a letter sent to them, the orchestra is explicit: to make room for the “racialized”, whites must clear [leave, in other terms].


They are therefore fired because of the colour of their skin [wow— and, yes, we are in 2021]. In a world that has not lost its mind, we would talk about explicitly racist dismissals.

But our world has lost its mind. These layoffs are therefore justified in the name of anti-racism.

Because it is in the name of anti-racism that we lock people in their skin colour today and decide whether or not they have the right to a job.

Let’s not be surprised

Because these layoffs on a racial basis go in the logic of multiculturalist ideology [Bambi does not know which name to give to this ideology: sectarianism, wokeism, cultic mindset (even if secular), excessive multiculturalism, or… just our “collectively insane times”].

Let us not forget, for several years now, in several public and even private organizations, it has been explained, in the name of positive discrimination, that whites must be disadvantaged in hiring, because they are already too present there.

Because positive discrimination, which little pranksters present as a program of access to equality, is nothing other than that: a program of discrimination against whites that we consider too present – it is still worse, of course, if it’s more white men! [Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté is right, and Bambi is neither white nor a man].

Let’s say that the English Touring Opera went the extra mile. We are no longer content with not hiring someone because they are white. We fire them for that reason, to clear the place.

But there are some to explain that anti-white racism does not exist. How can we not call them petty pranksters and when they work at university, two-dollar theorists and intellectual fraudsters.

We even found people to welcome this decision, judging it difficult, but necessary.

On BFMTV, a French news channel, Candice Mahout, the head of the culture department, explained that “yes, it is extremely violent, but we will have to go through this reverse of the pendulum for things to move forward as well”.


At least, the point is uninhibited: this institutional “violence” against whites is necessary for diversity to progress.

One can wonder if this lady, white of skin, incidentally, would react thus if one fired her because of the colour of her skin. Maybe she should set an example?

One wonders how Western opinion would have reacted if we had fired musicians for being black.

In fact, we know: it would have been absolutely revolted, with good reason. Because racism is always abject [indeed, like violence whomever the target or victim].

But since the victims of racism are white, we don’t care. You don’t advance diversity without breaking up whites, apparently.”

One thought on “Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté: “Where the whites are fired because they are white” [“Là où on vire les blancs parce qu’ils sont blancs”]”

  1. What would Enoch Powell say?! A major victory for darkie power, no doubt.

    Here’s an original English reference:

    Here is a selected quote from Enoch Powell, a British MP:

    ”We must be mad, literally mad, as a nation to be permitting the annual inflow of some 50,000 dependents, who are for the most part the material of the future growth of the immigrant-descended population. It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

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