Bambi stands with Beirut’s Judge Tarek Bitar!

Judge Tarek Bitar has been temporary removed from his function as Investigator of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020:

A protest is planned in Beirut on Wednesday to support him:

As a reminder, in July 2021, MANY European and Arab lawyers kindly travelled to Beirut to support his impartial work (see an earlier post further below).

The families of the victims, the residents of Beirut, the people of Lebanon, and the friends of this country around the world are all behind Judge Bitar because they want the truth and justice.

Yes, people want to know why they lost their family members and friends, why their loved ones were injured, why the massive destruction of their city with its houses, hospitals, schools, businesses, places of worship, museums, etc. Bambi also wants to know why her niece, brother-in-law, and childhood friend were injured. Why is the latter still undergoing surgery after surgery? Why were the apartments and houses of thousands of people, including Bambi’s parents, massively or completely destroyed? WHY is the code of silence of their politicians so unbreakable still despite the magnitude of the catastrophe and all the calls for justice?!

Of note, Judge Bitar is the second Judge to be removed from the investigation of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion. It is said now that this is a “temporary” removal, but the investigation is already on hold. PLUS, from an earlier post (shown further below), we know that Judge Bitar recently received death threats from the most powerful military group in Lebanon (and no, it is neither the Lebanese Armed Forces nor a foreign occupier).

Some have been asking for an international inquiry:

When will impunity begin to stop in Lebanon?! To Judge Bitar, Bambi will say thank you for being decent as well as courageous. Be safe please. She already joins her voice to all those who will walk in Beirut on Wednesday to support your work. She also sends her solidarity and love to the grieving families.

To conclude this post on a musical note, here is Fairuz’ eternal song for Beirut as a reminder of what happened on that doomed August 4, 2020.

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        1. Bambi sends you a BIG hug Maya ❤️ (along with her continuous support and prayer for a smooth recovery from your injury). This song also kills her (so she understands you more than you think)… If only Beirut can rise and shine again. Enough of destruction and death. Enough of injuries and suffering. Just enough of grief. Time for peace of mind, prosperity, laughter, progress, and love. Yes MUCH love! Times for Beirutis and the whole people of Lebanon to live in dignity!

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