Bambi’s broken heart goes to the broke Lebanon

This post begins with news headlines about Lebanon that chill the blood. It ends with Mr. Enrico Macias’ beautiful song about Beirut.

If she may, Bambi would like to offer the song mentioned above to Judge Bitar without knowing him (thanking him for his courage), to the grieving families of the surrealistic Beirut port explosion, and to her friend Maya still healing (and undergoing surgeries!) since August 4, 2020.

They/we are ALL still waiting for accountability… even if it is in the Republic of impunity. Which one is worth waiting for patiently in Lebanon, justice… or Goddot?

Risk of total blackout end of September, warns Électricité du Liban. This article is by l’Orient Le Jour. This picture is the part of Beirut where Bambi’s parents live.
Mr. Arthur Sarradin (re-tweeted by journalist Roula Douglas) is informing us that a tank of gas costs the equivalent of the (monthly) minimum wage!
No comment and… no surprise.
As a reminder, in an earlier post, Bambi has written the following about Judge Bitar: “May he be able to lead a truly independent, thorough investigation AND may he be safe!
Thank you for your courage, Judge Bitar. Lebanon (and the world) need courageous, impartial, and objective judges.
This headline is taken from 961.
Best wishes to all… and much love!

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