Is the word “debate” in “federal leaders’ debate” still meaningful?

Canada is suffocating under political correctness.

Indeed, in our collectively insane times, more and more Canadians say the opposite of what they think privately out of fear. Perhaps other Canadians do not see what Bambi means. Some Canadians even repeat empty slogans, one after the other. Of course, some others are true believers. Yet others may convince themselves (and others) that they are believers or observant. Some even benefit from slogans to advance their careers or agendas.

Anyhow, tonight Canadians (who are still interested in politics) will watch the first 2021 federal debate on TV (in French)… but which “debate” are we talking about precisely?

And which leaders? Bambi is asking because the federal debate is once again among leaders who have been pre-selected?

Of course, the themes to be debated will be carefully chosen. Yes, they will be socially acceptable and accepted.

Again, political correctness or ideologies affect us all.

Indeed, some of our decent political leaders who are supposed to champion the environment have drifted their political focus to interfere in provincial issues/bills that are neither under their jurisdiction nor expertise (not even political power).

Other excellent politicians who would be expected to defend the French language (and likely language demographics) do not dare to even debate immigration in terms of numbers or the values of newcomers (to facilitate their integration).

Yet other perhaps mediocre politicians keep telling us and writing platforms where diversity is presented as our strength. A beautiful slogan again… but is there room still for intellectual diversity? And what about our unity? From all union and people’s movements, we historically and intuitively know that it is rather unity that is our real strength. Not (just?) diversity, even if the latter is enriching in life.

Some politicians have exploited or pushed the diversity card (modern forms of sectarianism) too far to the point of having a name for each type of injustice (racism or discrimination) affecting this or that community… of course in addition to a new empire of corporate business called “diversity, inclusion, and equity”. Once again, intellectual diversity is missing from all this.

Instead of a country of the rule of law for all, we lately saw justice being envisioned to be tailored to skin hue (instead of being the same laws for all with, of course, a consideration for attenuating factors, including possible personal experiences of racism). Is this race-based approach (limited to one’s skin colour) wise and even fair for all, including to the alleged criminal offender? In other terms, what about the sense of personal responsibility in life? Isn’t it worth encouraging and rewarding anymore in tribunals or in rehabilitation following a sentence?

Instead of honouring our collective democracy, we stopped caring to preserve everyone’s right to publicly express an opinion? Instead, we are becoming like a “neo-monarchy” of censorship and of double standards? Approved public discourse is allowed and encouraged. Any dissidence is viciously attacked.   

Canada’ elitists (those in power, their cliques, or dependants in the media/intellectual circles) are sometimes acting in the most tribal and disconnected manner from ordinary people. All this, of course, often in the name of modern forms of puritan morality (and its orthodoxies).  

For sure, at first, politicians’ care for ordinary people may have been genuine, not just to earn their vote. Now, our political leaders are too disconnected from people that they do not even care to fake care.

Who knows? Perhaps our political leaders are trapped in their elitism or, like the population, suffocating under political correctness. Mind you, it is also possible that they may have found another source of political supply.

To conclude this post, you may perhaps think that Bambi is being too cynical today. Maybe just lucid, even if she remains convinced that our Canada remains beautiful, despite our collectively insane times and despite an increased mediocrity in politicians worldwide. However, comparing us to less fortunate countries of the world, including Lebanon, helps in bringing perspectives and… in keeping faith in our country alive. In the end, even collectively insane times shall pass, even if they may last for many years.

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