A beautiful Lebanese love song

This post is about a love song that reminds Bambi of her childhood in Lebanon.

The song is question is performed by a talented singer whom Bambi just discovered: Ms. Carla Chamoun. It is actually a very famous love song, entitled “Khidni maak” [“Take me with you”] by the late Ms. Salwa el Katrib. Bambi had the chance to share this song with you once in an older post featuring El Katrib’s own daughter. The latter, called Ms. Aline Lahoud, is a talented singer (like her mom).

This being said, Bambi would like to thank a certain Mr. Alaa Eddine Taktak from Paris for having kindly publicly shared the translation of this great song on YouTube. Following French, if you wish, you can read a quick English translation [thanks to the assistance of Bambi’s faithful friend, Mr. Google Translate :)].

To conclude this post, and before sharing the lyrics and the song, bravo to Ms. Carla Chamoun for her beautiful voice and interpretation! Congratulations to the musicians for their talent!


“Emmène-moi avec toi sur un sentier/chemin lointain

Là où nous étions petits enfants/jeunes

Et chauffe mon printemps avec un nouveau soleil

Et fais-moi oublier le jour où nous sommes devenus grands/vieux

Emmène-moi avec toi ô mon amour, ô mon amour

Là où la couleur bleue s’est évanouie (le soir)

Nous marchons ensemble ô mon amour, ô mon amour

Sur un chemin en sable verdoyant

Cache-moi,entoure-moi, par ton amour

Et laisse-moi m’y perdre pour un jour

Et laisse l’amour me faire oublier

Le jour où nous sommes devenus grands/vieux

Demande au vent de l’amour de nous emmener/emporter

Au dessus des montagnes qui n’ont pas de limites

Demain, le temps effacera  nous noms

Et les barrera de traits noirs

Vole-moi,  vole-moi et laisse-moi

Cueillir le printemps, rose par rose

Emmène-moi avec toi, emmène-moi et fais-moi oublier

Fais-moi oublier le jour où nous sommes devenus grands.”


“Take me with you on a far trail

Where we were younger

And heat my spring with a new sun

And make me forget the day we got old/older

Take me with you oh my love, oh my love

Where the colour blue has faded (in the evening)

We walk together oh my love, oh my love

On a green sand path

Hide me, surround me, with your love

And let me get lost in it for a day

And let love make me forget

The day we got old/older

Ask the wind of love to take us away

Above the mountains that have no limits

Tomorrow time will erase our names

And cross them out with black lines

Steal me, steal me and leave me

pick spring rose by rose

Take me with you, take me and make me forget,

Make me forget the day we grew up”.

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