Love to Acadie, a prayer to Haiti, thoughts to Fadi, and… a wink to the mother of Jesus, Mary!

First, Bambi will start by wishing a “Bonne Quinzou” to her friends and readers celebrating this big day!

Acadians are inspiring in so many ways: Their resilience, solidarity, pride, joie de vivre, big heart, and… championship of the French culture in North America!

Here are two songs for you Acadie!

Second, today is also a big day that is off (OK, tomorrow Monday rather) in many countries around the world, including Lebanon. It is the Assumption of Mary, the mother of Jesus. For those who do not know it, Mary is well respected in both Christianity and Islam.

This being said, Bambi would like to pause now (yes, she stopped typing) to close her eyes, thinking of two countries she loves dearly, Haiti and Lebanon, which are going through adversity. Some of you may perhaps recall that Bambi has honoured Haiti once on this blog in a post about national anthems (i.e., the Haitian one is beautiful).

This being said, the most recent tragic news from Haiti is that there has been a 7.2 earthquake. Sadly, about 300+ people died and hundreds are injured:

Of note, the people of Haiti have been going through harsh times lately following the political assassination of their President Moise. Clearly, they did not need another crisis or trauma/grief. Bambi sends them her heart, along with a prayer that goes with the theme of this day: the Ave Maria interpreted by the inspiring Mr. Andrea Bocelli.

Finally, after this spiritual note, Bambi will conclude this post on August 15 on a much lighter note. Today happens to be the birthday of her dear childhood friend, Fadi. Happy Birthday and much love from both Bambi and her spouse. Have a fun day with your lovely family! Of course, there is a song for you and it is a joyful one. Bambi hopes your wisdom (stemming from your older age :)) will allow you to guess what it is [“bravo ya shater” 🙂 ]!

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