Instead of introducing you to the beauty of Northern Lebanon, Bambi will share the agony of the residents of Akkar following a fuel tank explosion

First, here are two pictures from this Akkar region of Lebanon where the tragedy took place:

A picture taken from Wikipedia
A picture found on the internet with the clouds in the background.
Thanks to the photographer whomever he/she is

The explosion took place In this piece of heaven where many live under the line of poverty. In addition, they are suffering from the consequences of corruption like the rest of their fellow citizens. Bambi’s heart goes to the grieving families (some parents lost 2 kids! Other families lost four members at the same time, can you imagine!?). Bambi is also thinking of her friends originally from this beautiful area of Lebanon. Some lost friends or know injured people. Thankfully, their own families are safe and sound.

This being said, we do not know precisely the triggering factor of the explosion. We just know that the army was helping citizens at the moment. Indeed, the Lebanese army confiscated fuel stolen and stored by mafia networks across the country. Some of these illegals operation are overseen by politicians, imagine. Corruption is across political parties!

Anyhow, the Lebanese soldiers were kindly distributing the confiscated material for free to residents when the tragedy took place killing 28+ people and seriously injuring hundred others.

About 22 teams of the Lebanese Red Cross, along with other rescuers, rushed to the scene to transport the injured to hospitals. Remember, the Lebanese healthcare sector, is “agonizing” to use the word of one administrator at a Beirut hospital. It is lacking medical supplies and fuel to be able to keep running.

Was the fuel crisis in Lebanon a consequence of the economic crisis? Or was it an artificially orchestrated crisis by those benefiting from the corruption (by hiding fuel to smuggle it into Syria to sell it three times its price. In other terms, abusing the state fuel subsidies system of Lebanon). This is the real issue here, regardless of the triggering factor that remains under investigation.

Journalist Roula Azar Douglas is sadly telling us that some citizens remain too influenced by sectarian considerations
A picture taken from An Nahar
A picture taken from An Nahar. These four young men are members of the same family.
They all died in the explosion :(. Bambi’s heart goes to their parents and loved ones
Journalist Roula Douglas is demanding to dissolve the Parliament (i.e. new elections)!

To conclude this post on a musical note, one song comes to Bambi’s mind. It is about the fragility of life by Mr. Luc de Larochelière… Life is fragile by nature. However, in today’s Lebanon, not only life is too fragile. Death is trivial and cheap, contrary to all other aspects of people’s lives…

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