Why don’t we send Mr. Trudeau to Lebanon?

  1. He is imposing elections on us (that no one wants/needs!). Lebanon BADLY needs elections.
  2. Like Lebanese politicians, he knows how to increase his country’s debt  (“$ 1,234 billion, or $ 32,362 per head of Canadian”, to use the terms of Mr. Michel Girard; https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2021/08/14/trudeau-la-facture-aux-generations-futures)!
  3. As per one of his recent tweets, he wants to “build back better”. Lebanon can benefit from such language whatever it means (does he know what he means or is he repeating what Mr. Biden says?).
  4. He seems to be fond of sectarianism (when he can exploit it) that his government calls anti-racism. He would fit well in Lebanon.
  5. He is out of touch with his people. Again, he would fit well in Lebanon.
  6. He is an expert in ethics transgressions. This is a significant baby step in the direction of the moral/financial corruption of the Lebanese politicians.
  7. He came up with Bill 36 to silence citizens (for their so-called “hate” online speech). He would fit well in Lebanon.
  8. He is telling us he is green… They need genuine green elected officials in Lebanon.
  9. He bought a pipeline… They are having fuel tank explosions there. He could contribute to public safety.
  10. He has close ties (and perhaps some loyalty) to China. He could help Lebanon in its negotiations with China. The latter could invest in Lebanon or bail it out.
  11. He wants to be or wants us to think that he is a feminist. God knows how much Lebanon would benefit from more equality between men and women… even if it is far from being Afghanistan under the Taliban (Bambi’s heart goes to Afghani women!).   

One thought on “Why don’t we send Mr. Trudeau to Lebanon?”

  1. LOL and bravo for this dose of sarcasm. But if we’re sending Justin to Lebanon, can we arrange a trade while we’re at it? I’d like to receive some food specialties like those little cookies, you know the ones I mean. Or the Lebanese club sandwich I had once with parsley mixed into the beef.

    One advantage of Justin Trudeau you left one: he’s part of a hereditary monarchy so, once installed in Beirut, he can leave behind many future Prime Ministers in Lebanon that will evolve into King/Queen of Lebanon, all financed by the Canadian taxpayer.

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