Thank you, Mr. Aznavour, for allowing us to travel, over and over again, through your beautiful “Emmenez-moi” [“Take me”] song

Bambi does not know if you know or appreciate Mr. Charles Aznavour.

Below, you can listen to his amazing song, called “Emmenez-moi“, sub-titled in English [“Take me” is the name of his English version].

Some songs are eternal.

For sure, Aznavour’s deep and beautiful songs will live eternally.

Mr. Charles Aznavour was adored in Lebanon that he visited so many times during his long career.

If she may, Bambi would like to dedicate his song “Emmenez-moi” to the people of Lebanon who may be dreaming of “escaping” the daily hell they live in. Some of them can leave. Many already did and will continue to migrate. Others will stay. Some will willingly stay. Yet many others will not leave just because they have no other choice.

Luckily, there is music, poetry, and imagination in life.

Thankfully, imagination is free-of-charge.

Yes, no need for governments to subsidy their citizens’ imagination. No need for governments to remove subsidies when it is being sold in the black market in a nearby country (

Imagination allows people to dream finding dignity and safety at home or abroad.

Imagination also allows people to dream/imagine a new and still affordable Lebanon.

Imagine a country with a government and without endless impunity.

Imagine hospitals that do not risk closure, one after the other, due to power outages.

Imagine a country with accessible food and fuel.

Imagine a place where residents, especially more senior or vulnerable ones, can imagine a visit to the hospital to heal, and not as a one-way trip to eternity.

Capitals and cities where you do not have to walk up to 10-12 different pharmacies, in the heat and in a pandemic, to find your medication.

Cities where residents can take elevators to their apartments without the risk of being stuck in them.

Capitals where people can stay in cool indoors in unbearably humid summer days.

Villages and cities where people can use their land phones to talk to loved ones abroad and their ovens to cook.

Countries where manufactures can still run because they have access to the much needed fuel.

And the list goes on…. but Bambi will spare you more blahblahblah. She will just remind you that after all we are in 2021… not in the stone age!

To conclude this post on a lighter and musical note, thank you Mr. Aznavour for your TALENT! Had you been still alive, you would have been shocked to see Lebanon in such bad shape…

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