The CDC (USA) and CBC (Canada): Aren’t the excesses of political correctness absurd?

The CDC is the world-renowned Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If Bambi is not mistaken, the CDC is a federal American agency that is partly funded by public money and partly by private foundations like the Bloomberg Family Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the CDC Foundation (a charity, which receives private funding.

Now, the CBC is our  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (mind you, Bambi heard someone say once “Communist” instead of “Canadian” ?).  For the record, CBC is funded by the public, that is by your tax money and Bambi’s.

Governmental agencies (in both the USA and Canada) and private companies alike (e.g. Ben& Jerry ice cream, etc.) constantly endorse political correctness causes and language.

Recently, the CDC used the term “pregnant people” instead of “pregnant women”  (similar idea as “chestfeeding” instead of “breastfeeding”):

And today, our own CBC used it as well:

After reading all this and reflecting about it, Bambi was curious to see how this “pregnant people” would sound in Arabic. It would sound like this:

“الناس الحوامل

Al Naas Alhhawamil

And  “pregnant women” would sound like that:

Alnisa’ alhawamil

النساء الحوامل”

The two words, women and people, sound similar, almost with the same exact letters. However, such new language would be insulting to women as it dilutes them in the patriarchal societies of the Arab world (currently, not just of the past). At least, leave Arabic-speaking women the language to refer to their beautiful biological function of bearing and giving life.   

You may and we may wonder why some medical scientists and journalists are introducing this new language. 

Like with the use of pronouns, the stated reason of this new language can be said to be noble as it aspires to respect the diversity of gender. MANY people are genuinely concerned to be welcoming to all in their society. Bravo. Some, however, do not know why they would write pronouns after their name, Perhaps to fit in? Perhaps to conform? Perhaps to show to what extent they are socially conformists?

To come back to the new language in relation to reproduction, the underlying stated idea is to sound inclusive to transgender parents. The latter remain a minority in the population, one must add.

However, make no mistake, it is not because transgender parents are a minority in the population that they do not deserve our utmost respect and compassion, like anyone else (and perhaps more so due to their social vulnerability). No one should discriminate against anyone in life. Respecting people’s choices and people’s individuality is the best antidote to all forms of injustice in life.

Sadly, the effect of the new ideologies and their new terms on the whole society is that, once again (like with the story of the pronouns), language is used to control people by keeping them on edge, always wondering what to say and what not to say or write in order not to offend others. Do you also see the absurdity and anti-freedom nature of political correctness like Bambi?

To conclude this post, we may embrace this new term. We may laugh or just smile when we hear it. Regardless, one thing is clear in Bambi’s mind, there is a difference between respecting a minority and excluding half of the population of the world, women… ironically in the name of so-called inclusion.

5 thoughts on “The CDC (USA) and CBC (Canada): Aren’t the excesses of political correctness absurd?”

  1. Bambi’s hilarious essay has me wondering if Ben & Jerry’s PC-flavoured ice cream is churned from the chest milk of voluntary pregnant donors. I like my ice cream from cows, plain old fashioned dairy cows but when too many political nuggets or morsels are tossed in, I become lactose intolerant!

    1. Fred, you are the hilarious one 🙂 :)! Did your ears ring now? Bambi and her spouse just finished preparing your apple-based desert (OK her spouse just taught her how to do it). It is now baking in their oven. Thank you!

      1. I made one last week and shared some with the neighbours, who gave me chocolate morsel zucchini bread in exchange, so the recipe is spreading. Enjoy yours hot, with ice cream or maple syrup! I look forward to baking another with you in a few weeks.

        1. Good for you for sharing with your lucky neigbhours! Mmm– eager to taste it tonight with ice cream [and maybe maple syrup too :)].

        2. Good for you for sharing with your lucky neigbhours! Mmm– eager to taste it tonight with ice cream [and maybe maple syrup too :)].

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