The European Union adopted a legal framework to sanction the corrupt Lebanese politicians

In the following press release, we learned that the European Union (EU) delivered on its promise to adopt a legal framework to sanction Lebanese politicians by the end of July:

Led by France, this EU initiative seeks to increase the pressure on Lebanon’s politicians. The move is part of larger international efforts to force overdue reforms, following: a political chaos, an economic collapse after the financial crisis, and the Beirut port blast that destroyed half of the capital on August 4, 2020. Yes, that was almost a year ago with total impunity!

Will this European initiative work? Time will tell…

This being said, below is a picture from US Today, which illustrates the diagnostic made by the Lebanese people concerning their surrealistic Beirut port explosion:

A picture taken from US Today showing a Lebanese woman who lost a family member in the Beirut port explosion of August 4, 2020.

While reading the EU press release, a powerful Lebanese song came to Bambi’s mind. She recalls having posted it on her blog in the fall of 2019 (when the people of Lebanon revolted against their central bank’s exposed Ponzi scheme). The singer is called Mr. Rabih el Khawli. To repeat a comment by Bambi’ friend/reader Aline, “Mr. Ghassan Saliba sang this song in the 1990s“.

Regardless of the artist, this song remains timely as Lebanon’s current tragedy is the result of MANY years of political mismanagement and financial corruption. Indeed, the situation in Bambi’s birth country is so bad that, when she recently asked her dad if it was worse than the 15-year-civil war (1975-1990), he did not hesitate in replying: “MUCH worse!” Can you imagine :(?

Thus, thanks to all the international efforts trying to stabilize Lebanon by shaking its heartless leaders. It is Bambi’s hope that those international efforts will also remember to shake the hegemony of powerful countries over Lebanon.

To conclude this post, and before sharing a short version of the song (thanks to MTV), here is a quick English translation for you, taken from Bambi’s earlier post:

“You who were waiting, what are you waiting for? What do you expect from those who stole the sunshine and sold the wind, along with their consciousness? From those who stole the country and built houses larger than its squares?

You who were waiting, what are you waiting for?

Revolt for once. Stand up in those squares and tell them: You have stolen, you have killed, yes you have assassinated the people, the country, and the dream…. And you turned this land into a refuge for the Pharisees (or self-righteous)”.

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