“Bonne Saint-Jean” (Bonne fête nationale) cher Québec!

Bambi cannot go to sleep without saying “Bonne Saint-Jean” to the “Belle Province”!

Bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste also to all the French-Canadians across Canada!

Of course, Happy name day too to Bambi’s second cousin in Beirut (Hello Jean… or Jeannotti :)!

All this being said, below you can find a song that Bambi would like to offer to Québec today. Of course, it is Mr. Gilles Vigneault’s eternal “Gens du pays“. This beautiful song celebrates love, as we do on our loved ones’ birthdays.

Related to the above, Bambi is thinking now of her friend Marie-Eve. Do you see the beautiful fleur-de-lys on the cheek of the little boy (in the YouTube link below)? Well, Marie-Eve drew a fleur-de-lys on Bambi’s face once 🙂 before they attended the celebrations of Saint-Jean-Baptiste on the streets of Montreal. Needless to say that if there is one day in the year that is meant to feel like an immigrant deer proudly in love/harmony with Québec, it is June 24 :).

To conclude this post, although Bambi left Québec over 17 years ago, la “Belle Province” remains in her (i.e., even Fred gave her the title of “Ambassador of Québec” on this blog :)). Indeed, Québec will forever remain in Bambi’s heart and… in her spouse’s (beautiful) French Canadian accent :). Bonne Saint-Jean to him and to all those of you who highlight this day!

2 thoughts on ““Bonne Saint-Jean” (Bonne fête nationale) cher Québec!”

  1. (i.e., even Fred gave her the title of “Ambassador of Québec” on this blog :)).


    June 24th should be a holiday across Canada so as to be truly national. I’m so old, in my community, we still call it Saint -John-the-BaPtist Day, with a heavy ‘P’ pronounced in the middle. 🙂 Enjoy!

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