“The Psychology of… Podcast” explored the psychology of cancel culture

Yesterday, Bambi discovered the inspiring talent of host and clinical Psychologist Zac Rhodenizer, the Director of the Lethbridge Institute of Family Therapy and LifeSTAR Alberta!

Indeed, what an honour and pleasure to be interviewed by Zac (Rhodenizer). During this chat, Zac and Bambi/Rima tried to explore the psychology of what we call “cancel culture”.

Before sharing the link to their conversation, which was enriching for Bambi (and hopefully helpful to his audience), here is what the “Psychology of… Podcast” is all about: “Psychology is at play all around us. With your host and clinical Psychologist Zac Rhodenizer and his guests, we dive into fascinating topics where psychology plays a major role but is often overlooked, such as mountain climbing, pro wrestling, politics, eating, and much more!”

MANY thanks for this invitation and for your KIND support! Long life to the much needed “Psychology of… Podcast“. Please keep up your smart and compassionate work Zac Rhodenizer. Bambi is grateful… and Canada/the world need you!

4 thoughts on ““The Psychology of… Podcast” explored the psychology of cancel culture”

  1. As always, these thought provoking topics leave me with many thoughts. Lately, I have been thinking a way to get around admitting Woke children to university life is to require an interview either in front of the faculty like they do in some European schools, or in public. The topic of the interview would be ”Tell us about some traumatic situation you experienced and survived” to prove they are adults and about which they could be questioned. Just my own unformed thought…

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