Just like Bambi, “two-thirds of Canadians say they do not live in a racist country”!

Bambi would like to thank her friend for kindly sharing the published findings of the most recent Angus Reid Institute poll:



As reported by the National Post, “two-thirds of Canadians say they do not live in a racist country“. Interesting finding, which indicates that Bambi and the majority of her fellow citizens share the same opinion about Canada :).

This being said, Bambi is curious to know why one out of three Canadians think otherwise. It would be perhaps informative to explore this result in further surveys. Anyhow, Bambi finds it sad to read that as many Canadians seem to believe that their country is racist.

For fun, to conclude this post, here is a song that Bambi would like to offer to Canada. It is by Lebanese diva Fairouz, singing for her “little house in Canada” (in Arabic)… from as far as Beirut, Lebanon.

6 thoughts on “Just like Bambi, “two-thirds of Canadians say they do not live in a racist country”!”

  1. This is Bambi sharing a supportive comment she received on her website from Phil. As it is also meant for this blog’s post, she will post here (further below) and reply to it.

    First, MANY thanks Phil for you very kind words and best wishes. Bambi is touched and thankful!

    She also thanks you for taking the time to share your informative reply to Fred’s comment too :).

    “Dear Dr [Bambi]

    I have heard you talking with JBP and seen your blog and website.

    You appear to be a fine human being who respects others, cares for your native and adopted countries, understands nuance and who can use words precisely.

    I’m sure you are aware that a person’s psychology affects their ability to be objective and correctly understand nuanced statements.

    I agree with the person who commented on the important difference between something existing in a “systematic” vs “aberrational” form and that people and media outlets are blurring the distinction.

    There can also be an important difference between the laudability of a humanitarian cause, and the laudability of some actions of an organisation which is understood to support it. Expressing concern for specific actions of an organisation is not the same thing as being against the humanitarian cause it is recognised as supporting.

    Needless to say, I wish you well for the future.

    From Phil

  2. Isn’t it a form of gaslighting when ‘media’ and ‘govt’ and ‘social justice’ minions all keep chiming along about how ‘racist’ Canada is and we must all be ‘re-educated’ and ‘socially engineered’ in to a better place. The funny thing is that Canada is actually one of the most liveable countries in the world because of its size, beauty, abundance and mixture of citizenry that have come here from around the world to create a unique place. I try to ignore people half my age telling me who I am and what I believe… there are a lot of those in a university town but there are also a lot of great people too.. so take the good with the bad and survive the jive.. its just a lot of flapping and fussing and utopians trying to fix something that doesn’t need fixing. The legacy of Justin Trudeau, like Obama, will be a nation that’s being churned up into an article race war for the purposes of dividing the population and keeping them distracted by silliness and bogus ‘movements’. You’ve been absolutely right to speak up at this time Bambi, thanks for that… it is never easier to be ‘that’ woman but being a mature woman gives you a responsibility to help where you feel you are needed and in this case it was to calm the hysterics and extremists who wouldn’t know a real problem if it smacked them in the face — imaginings don’t equate to reality and never will. Just keep being awesome and soulful, I’m enjoying your Lebanese flavour in this small town. God bless the people who know who they are and do not follow the herd.

  3. Dear Bambi, (Get it? Dear/Deer Haha)

    I did see that information in the news yesterday and thought about you.

    I repeat below some of the comments I made on Jordan Peterson’s podcast when your alter ego was a guest and invite you to comment on them please, especially for the systematic vs aberrational. 🙂

    When I studied psychology in 1986, they taught us about systematic vs aberrational injustices, however, since then we only hear about systemic injustices as if related only by hysterical people for whom aberrations have fallen off their spectrum. That’s why everything seems like black vs white and there are no longer shades of grey and as little research despite the abundance of information.

    1. Thanks for sharing Fred. Bambi is not not familiar with these terms (+ she was not born yet in 1986… a joke :)!). She will try to take the time to reflect and reply later… For now, she will just post your comment. Thank you again.

      1. So sad Bambi is burdened with the handicap of being born after 1986. I am considering becoming a ”Born Again Psychologist” *this year* (and burn my wall calendar) to enter into temporal solidarity with Bambi.

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